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"Dim Sum" Style Service at Emmer & Rye

12.09.2015 by: Leah McGarry
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I can honestly say that our meal at Emmer & Rye was one of my favorite and most memorable dinners of the year. Not only is the food delicious, but the concept makes for a unique dining experience. In addition to the regular menu of small plates, pastas and main dishes, the restaurant offers dim sum style service - servers come around with carts of food to let you see the offerings before sampling.

Interior of Emmer & Rye

Patio dining available on Rainey Street

We started off our meal by selecting a small plate, the Burrata Toast with straciatella, arugula, and black butter. Our waitress then offered us, not one, but two complimentary dishes while we waited for dim sum to begin.  The first, a cauliflower puret, and the second the polenta with shitake mushrooms, marigold spuma, and fermented oyster mushrooms - one of their most popular dishes. (Note, however, that the menu changes daily.)

Burrata toast with black butter

Cauliflower puret

Polenta with shitake mushrooms

As soon as the first dim sum cart came around, we knew we couldn't resist a fresh brioche roll stuffed with pork and creamy cheese. We quickly realized it was going to be hard to turn down any of the offerings. Our next selection was a small dish of spaghetti squash, topped with short rib, Japanese preserved grains, and butternut squash. I believe at one point I almost lifted the bowl to scoop up all the flavorful juices.

Brioche stuffed with pork

Spaqhetti squash with short rib

We selected one of the pasta dishes of the evening - a pappardelle with bolognese sauce. We enjoyed tasting the house-made pasta but still had more fun selecting from the dim sum carts.

Pappardelle with bolognese

For our last round of food, we went with the Johnny cakes made with pork cheddar and squash, along with a roasted cauliflower with black butter and pork lardo. Why can't all vegetables be served in a pool of butter? YUM.

Johnny cakes with cheddar and squash

Roasted cauliflower in black butter

As if we weren't completely stuffed, we topped off our meal with a small dessert. A $5 ice cream sandwich made with a dark chocolate and chestnut cookie and buttermilk orange ice cream - the perfect end to an extremely memorable meal.

Dark chocolate and orange ice cream sandwich

There are so many benefits to this style of dining. First off, some of the dishes we chose may not have sounded as appealing had we just read a description, but seeing all the colors and flavors made us excited to try them. Plus, the dim sum service allows you to relax and make a night of it instead of rushing in and out for your meal. The chef says he loves playing with his food, and now we all get to take part. I highly recommend Emmer & Rye for your next date night or group outing!

{Official website: Emmer & Rye}

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