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10 Places to Get Hot Dogs in Austin

07.03.2015 by: Beth Stockwell Vanderkolk
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What's more American than having a hot dog on the 4th of July? Nothing! If you're not feeling like grilling in this heat, you can still celebrate America's independence with a dog by visiting one of these great Austin establishments.

Sausage dog from Easy Tiger

1.  Frank 
Austin hot dog mecca Frank has endless dog options! Some fan faves include the Jackalope (custom-made smoked antelope, rabbit, and pork sausage dressed with cranberry compote, sriracha aioli, and cheddar on a Frank Bun), the Texalina (custom-made smoked pork and beef sausage, dressed with grilled horseradish coleslaw, Carolina mustard BBQ sauce, and white cheddar on a Frank Bun), the Straya (custom-made smoked kangaroo and pork sausage dressed with peach-jalapeno chutney, LaClare Chandoka goat cheddar on a Frank Bun), and the Creole Gator (custom-made smoked alligator sausage dressed with Tony Chachere’s popcorn crawfish, Crystal slaw, scallions and Creole remoulade on a Frank Bun).

2. Bangers Sausage and Beer
Here you'll find even more crazy hot dog options like the Dak Bulgogi (bulgogi chicken sausage topped with sriracha, kimchi, oyster sauce, cilantro, carrots, and jalapenos on a kolache bun with a side of soy caramel lime), the Drunk Chicken (beer, serrano peppers, red pepper flakes, cilantro, and more beer), and the Smokey an the Boar (wild boar smoked with onions and garlic).

3. Shake Shack
Try one of Shake Shack's flat top dogs. You can choose between a Shack-ago Dog (with relish, mustard, onion, cucumber, pickle, tomato, sport pepper, and celery salt), a Shack-Meister Dog (topped with cheddar, American cheese sauce, and crispy shallots), a classic all beef hot dog, or a Chicken Dog (made with chicken, apple, and sage sausage).

4.  Dai Due 
You can't expect Dai Due to serve a traditional dog; instead they serve local venison hot dogs (2) with kimchi, mayonnaise and cured mackerel on onion seed rolls. Menu is subject to change, but this is available for all of July, so try it soon!

5.  Salt & Time 
Salt & Time's menu features an all beef hotdog, pastrami, kraut, 1000 Island, and Swiss on challah roll - can't get more American than that! 

6. Easy Tiger
Easy Tiger's sausages are all available on pretzel buns, so you have quiet a variety to choose from here. Some of our favorites include the Borrego Verde (Lamb, Pork, Poblano, Cumin with Tomatillo & Green Chili Salsa), the Cajun Chicken (Chicken, Pork, Paprika, Red Bell Peppers with Creole Cream Cheese & Chow Chow Relish), and the Classic Bratwurst (Pork, Veal with Mustard & Kraut). Easy Tiger also has a Vegetarian dog (Beets, Lentils, Mushrooms, Panko Bread Crumbs, Flax Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Herbs, Smoke with Peperonata).

7.  Gourdough's Public House 
Get weird at Gourdough's- their hot dog is served on a hot garlic donut! The Ballpark is a smokey Denmark jalapeno sausage topped with Fritos, housemade chili, grated cheddar, and a side of stone ground mustard.

8.  Hut’s Hamburgers 
Hut's serves 2 classics- a regular Hot Dog and a Chili Dog.

9.  East Side King 
East Side King puts an Asian spin on an American classic. Their Moto Dog features a custom-made Tender Belly 100% all natural Berkshire pork hot dog, karashi, kewpie, pickled cabbage, shaved bonito, nori, and negi served on a butter bun from Easy Tiger.

10.  Black Sheep Lodge 
Black Sheep features 3 different classic dogs- a traditional hot dog, a chili dog, and a Chicago dog.

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