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A Sweet Tooth's Paradise at Big Top Candy Shop

05.24.2016 by: Beth Stockwell Vanderkolk
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Tucked into a long row of shops on one of Austin's most popular streets, Big Top Candy Shop is the sweetest spot on South Congress (and possibly the entire town). Big Top is an old fashioned shop, long and narrow, filled to the gills with candy of every kind, from every era. Whether you're looking for fun, new candy, a vintage favorite, or a mix-and-match bag of your own choosing, Big Top's got it all. The circus-themed shop also makes and serves shakes, malts, Italian ice, floats, sundaes and cones of ice cream. If there's a candy or sweet in existence, there's a good chance you can find it here.

Old fashioned taffy

When you first walk in, you see a huge variety of taffy. You can create your own mix, or stick to one type. To your left, you'll see an entire wall of candy that's perfect for movie night - Junior Mints, Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, Milk Duds, Swedish Fish, Mike & Ikes, Reese's Pieces, and more. These boxes of candy are big enough to share, though you might not want to! If standard movie candy isn't your style, check out the large selection of Haribo and Trolli gummies near the back of the store. Big Top has gummy snakes, gummy letters, gummy bears, gummy sodas, gummy smurfs, and more - gummies for days. You can also take a trip back in time with Big Top's selection of vintage candies. You'll find Mallo Cups, Big Hunks, Bit o Honey, Sixlets, and even Moon Pies.

Standard movie candy galore

Gummies for days

Old fashioned candy

If you're feeling fancy, Big Top has an amazing selection of handmade gourmet chocolates, as well. You'll even find unique creations like chocolate covered bacon and chocolate covered potato chips. These rich, decadent chocolates come in all kinds of varieties, include white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate; all with different fillings. These candies come at a price, so choose wisely!

Gourmet chocolates

For the candy fanatic who truly wants to try it all, you can't beat the bulk candy bins! Just grab a plastic bag and start shoveling all of your favorite goodies in. These candies are priced by weight, and it really adds up fast! In the bulk bins, you'll find a lot of the same candies you can purchase prepackaged in other parts of the store - gummies, M&Ms, chocolate covered raisins, Runts, Skittles, Sprees, licorice, and a ton of sour candies. Why buy a box of one candy when you can enjoy such an awesome variety?

Bulk candy bins

Big Top Candy Shop boasts 300+ types of bulk candy which is priced by the ¼ lb. and 2,000+ types of wrapped/pre-packaged candy- so you're sure to find something to satisfy any craving. Just be sure to keep your dentist's number handy!

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