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A Taste of Peru at Lima Criolla

12.04.2015 by: Travis Sandoval
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Lima Criolla originally started in the Highland Mall food court as La Chaparrita, serving a mix of Peruvian and Mexican dishes. When the mall transitioned into an ACC campus, the restaurant made a new home in the revamped shopping center The Linc. While the area continues to transform, Lima Criolla is easily one of the hidden gems in the north central part of the city.

Lima Criolla

The Papa Rellena was hands down our favorite dish of the night.

If you’ve never had Peruvian cuisine before, it shares some similarities with Mexican food but differs most noticeably with its use of sweet potatoes and plantains. Being ever inquisitive, we were prepared to sample the entire menu for a taste of Peru. The friendly wait staff helped with our questions and told us that the menu was designed so that each section’s popular dishes were listed first. The menu is divided into multiple sections featuring starters, soups, ceviches, steak, chicken, pork, vegetarian/vegan, pasta dishes, and desserts. With plenty of options, at least your taste buds will be well-traveled.

 Lima Criolla

The Adobo Limeño features tender citrus-marinated pork.

Our dinner started off with the amazing Papa Rellena (deep fried mashed potatoes stuffed with ground beef) and Ceviche Limeño (Tilapia served with sweet potatoes, hominy, and crunchy corn kernels). For entrees we chose the Adobo Limeño (citrus-marinated pork and sweet potato served in a stew with steamed garlic rice) and the Bistec a lo Pobre (steak served with plantains, a fried egg, french fries, and garlic rice).

Lima Criolla

The Ceviche Limeño is bathed in a tangy citrus sauce and served crunchy and soft corn.

If you’re looking to pair your meal with a beverage, you’ll find a list of Peruvian wines by the bottle and Pisco drinks. Lima Criolla offers pisco shots served in a traditional pisco tasting glass, sour cocktails, chilcano cocktails, and mules. On our next visit, we’ll definitely have to try a pisco tour. For the sake of cultured tastes, right? 

{Lima Criolla Official Site}

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