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10.27.2015 by: Beth Stockwell Vanderkolk
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Now that the days and nights have finally cooled, it's time to turn our tastes to warmer options. There's nothing better than an affogao on a cool night. Affogado is ice cream or gelato that has espresso poured over it, like a caffeinated milk shake. We rounded up some of Austin's best affogato options to try this fall!

Dolce Neve

This shop serves housemade gelato in 18 delicious flavors- think of all of the custom affogados you could try! Some of their fall flavors include:
- Asian pear and chocolate chips sorbet
- Butternut, buttermilk and sage
- Malted milk and chocolate chips
- Fromage blanc and apple curd
- Kabocha squash and walnut crumble
- Mascarpone, polenta cake and orange liquor
- Candied chestnut

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Photo via Dolce Neve's Instagram

Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita is a great place to enjoy a dessert, a coffee, and their lovely patio. If you need a snack to go with your treat, you'll have tons of options! From soup to salad to croissants to sandwiches, their menu runs the gamut.

Photo via Dolce Vita's Facebook


Cantine's affogado isn't served with gelato or traditional ice cream like the others on this list, it comes over soft serve! That makes this drink even creamier than usual. What a unique treat!

Photo via Cantine's Twitter

Gelateria Gemelli

And our favorite pick of the post, Gelateria Gemelli. Their perfectly made espresso is paired with some of the best gelato in town. The atmosphere is romantic, people watching is great, and it's walkable from multiple restaurants. What could be better? Check out a previous post on Gelateria Gemelli here.

Affogato gif via Gelateria Gemelli's Instagram page


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