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Dining out with your baby isn’t unimaginable - the key is to simply know where and when.

Sweetish Hill Bakery & Cafe in Clarksville is an Austin institution that has been serving European-style baked goods, as well as sandwiches and salads, for over 30 years now.

The secret isn't officially out yet, but we're happy to be the first to tell you: a new boutique has opened in Westlake, and it's gorgeous!

Austin's Best Baby Boutiques

01.25.2016 by: Beth Stockwell Vanderkolk
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When you're a mom, time is precious. So the last thing you need is to waste time when shopping with your wee one. Alternatively, if you're kid-free and looking for a gift, you may have no clue where to go. Skip the big box stores and shop these great local boutiques. Whether you're looking for baby or kid clothes, toys, or handy must-have items, you'll find them at these shops! 


Wee is the cool kid on the block. Wee is stylish, modern, and can be uber pricey. But the store is gorgeous, its products are super hip, and the quality and customer service are top notch. If you have a few extra bucks to spend- head to Wee! 

Wooden Kiko sushi set at Wee
Photo via Wee's Facebook page


SparkleKids is an upscale resale shop that stocks tons of clothing in a large variety of sizing, gently used toys and books, as well as must-haves like strollers and exersaucers. Not everything in Sparklekids is used. Many of their products are brand new, with and without tags. This popular shop has a high quality inventory, and if you have a baby or kid that's growing at a rapid rate, SparkleKids is a great place to pick up some duds or shoes! It's also a great place to sell things your kids have outgrown.

SparkleKids South Lamar location interior
Photo by Ashley Love Photography


Sanctuary is win-win for mama or any gift giver; it has products for women and children. And if you love going local, then you'll especially love that Sanctuary stocks tons of local vendors. From clothing to bibs to chew-friendly jewelry, Sanctuary is basically like Austin's version of Etsy. Their women's selection includes great clothing, jewelry, stationery, and gifts. Check out the little denim bloomers pictured below- perfect for your favorite little cowgirl!

Sanctuary children's clothing and gifts
Photo via Sanctuary's Facebook page

Terra Toys, Monkey See Monkey Do!, Toy Joy

While we can't necessarily say that anything you'll find at Terra Toys, Monkey See Monkey Do!, or Toy Joy are baby must-haves, you'll definitely find a ton of fun-to-haves. These toy shops come in 1st place when you're looking for something to give for a birthday, Christmas, or just for fun. You'll find toys, games, educational products, and just silly do-dads! So whether it's your style to gift silly string or a game a kid can learn from, you'll have a great selection to choose from at these three stores.

Toy MADNESS at Toy Joy!
Photo via Toy Joy's Facebook page


PerriBerri, like Wee, is filled with beautiful products that can come at a price. PerriBerri does have a selection with a bigger range in price, and they also have killer sales. And like Sanctuary, PerriBerri has a gorgeous, well-edited women's selection of clothing, shoes, and jewelry (which also tend to be pricey). PerriBerri is a store that flies under the radar in Austin, somehow, or perhaps is just a well-kept secret of Westlake. They have Austin's best boutique selection of Barefoot Dreams blankets, outfits, robes, and baby blankets, which may just be the best gift you can give a new mom. 

PerriBerri gift card, pictured in front of their great children's and baby's selections
Photo via PerriBerri's Instagram page

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