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When it comes to shopping, budgeting can really take the wind out of your sails, but thanks to the great steals and deals you'll find at these boutiques, you can stock your closet without emptying your bank account. 

Don't wait for an occasion- stock up on gifts that'll come in handy for a long time! Adelante's bright and cheerful atmosphere extends to their products, which can be described as chic, trendy, and preppy bohemian.

A beachy new shop on South Lamar takes the cake for best swimwear in Austin.

Austin's Best Shops for Swimwear

06.02.2016 by: Beth Stockwell Vanderkolk
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Summer is here, and it's time to get your closet ready for the beach, springs, and boat. Whether you're bikini ready, prefer a one piece, or just need some cute cover ups, the best options are in stores now and going fast. Here are some great shops for stocking up on swimwear and cover ups.


Lane-Knight's well-edited and high end swimsuit and resort collection is so stunning, you'll be struggling to make choices. These suits and cover ups are probably a little too gorgeous for tubing, but perfect for lounging on a boat or packing away for a vacay. They also have a great selection of sandals and hats, so don't forget to complete your look!

Lane-Knight swimwear and cover ups

Still & Sea

Still & Sea's extensive swimwear collections are not for the super modest, but perfect for someone who wants to confidently rock a skimpy look. Their Instagram-worthy suits are so hip and chic, everyone you're with will wonder where you're shopping. Still & Sea also has a great selection of cover ups. They carry swimwear lines like Beach Bunny, Bobi, Salt, Stone Fox, and Tigerlily. Don't forget to pick up some Flash Tattoos to truly embrace your inner summer goddess.

Still & Sea shell bikinis
Photo via Still & Sea Instagram

Saint Bernard Sports

Saint Bernard has the largest selection for all body types of all of the shops in this list. You'll find one-pieces, great suits for water sports, as well as cute suits for just getting some sun. There's a massive wall in the store covered with swimwear, so you shouldn't have any trouble here finding options! Saint Bernard Sports also carries an awesome selection of sunglasses, as well as tons of outdoor sandals that are perfect for swimming at the green belt.

Bikini, beach bag and sunglasses
Photo via Saint Bernard Instagram

Blue Elephant Boutique

Blue Elephant is basically a one stop shop. You'll find cute bikinis, great coverups, tons of beauty products and jewelry, and even gifts. It's the perfect boutique to pop into to restock your summer wardrobe. There's an extensive selection of high end sunscreens, new summer collections of nail polish, and makeup too. They also usually have free chocolate chip cookies, but that really works against the bikini body plan, so proceed with caution.

Luxe Apothetique

Blue Elephant Boutique and Luxe Apothetique have the same owners, so expect similar things in these stores. Tons of sundresses, great sandals, bikinis, hats, beauty products, and more! The Luxe at the Domain also has a salon, so you can squeeze an appointment into your shopping trip if you need a wax, facial, lash tint, or even a massage! 

Bikini and summer essentials

Austin summers are best spent submerged in water, so swimwear and cover ups just might become your most worn items. Stock up on multiple options for all of your upcoming adventures and vacations!

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