Austin's Food Scene Heats Up With Boiler Nine

08.11.2016 by: Tom Harris
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Boiler Nine has a soaring, airy interior that feels grandly urbane and much larger than its actual tabletop capacity. A loft finished with polished concrete overlooks multi-story floor-to-ceiling windows and a long, well-appointed bar. Befitting its location in downtown Austin’s reclaimed Seaholm power plant, a sleek industrial design rules the day here.

The striking view from Boiler Nine's loft

The menu consists of smaller plates and mains, which lends itself well to family-style ordering. On a recent visit we ordered crispy giardinera, a summer salad, a dish of roasted roots, and a filet of striped bass, which was just enough for two people. We ordered a couple of cocktails off their innovative cocktail menu while we waited.

The delightfully effervescent and summery Green Velvet cocktail

One of them, the Back Biter, was possibly the best thing we ended up ordering. Though it consisted of just two ingredients - Austin Beerworks IPA and Chartreuse Vegetal - both combine to create a drink of incredible floral and herbaceous complexity. The Green Velvet was no slouch either - its basil and grapefruit oil seltzer providing a depth of character one doesn’t usually associate with sparkling water as an ingredient.

A surprisingly satiating Summer Salad

Of the dishes, the Summer Salad and Fire Roasted Roots were the stars of the show. The salad balanced the bright, punchy flavors we typically associate with the style, represented here with tomatoes, watermelon, and strawberries, with a muted richness from generous dollops of ricotta and crushed nuts.

Heaven from underground: Fire Roasted Root Vegetables

The Fire Roasted Roots consisted of a combination of red and golden beets and carrots; and they were divine. There was earthy sweetness from said roots, an herbal bite from dill, a creamy tartness from the feta, and a mouth-filling richness from the green goddess dressing.

Boiler Nine's exterior with rooftop deck

There are two additional spaces in the building - a dimly lit lounge-y bar in the basement and an observation deck and bar with commanding views over Town Lake. Both offer cocktails and bar snacks, making Boiler Nine a great place for a happy hour, dinner, or a drink after a date.

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