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10.21.2013 by: Beth Stockwell
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Austin may be the home of endless taco and burger joints, but we also have some pretty incredible sushi joints. All of the places below serve Japanese staples like edamame, seaweed salad, and traditional rolls and nigiri, but other dishes on their menus set them apart from the rest.

Musashino Sushi Dokoro
Hidden in the same building as Chinatown Restaurant, and without an obvious sign, Musashino serves Tokyo-style sushi. The Cold Smoked Escolar Nigiri is far and away our favorite- it's smoky but cold and fresh. If you'd prefer a roll, order the Big Red Roll, made with sawagani (miniature crabs), okra, Japanese purple pickled cucumbers, and radish sprouts wrapped in habanero caviar. Another great roll is the Big Southern roll, made with tuna, avocado, tempure flakes and wrapped in squid ink black rice, and served with a jalapeno-garlic aioli. Try some Blue Fin Nigiri to taste some of Austin's best raw tuna. If you're feeling brave, order the Live Clams, though they're not always available.

Musashino's Big Southern Roll
{Photo via Musashino's website}

Kome Sushi Kitchen

Kome was started by two Japanese-born Austinites who wanted to introduce real family-style Japanese food to the city. The Iiadako is a must-have, grilled octopus skewer. For something cold and fresh, try the Hotate Carpaccio: raw scallops, tobiko, yuzu, daikon, spinach, and white cloud mushroom. If you're looking for rolls, we love the Super Star roll, made with tuna, sushi shrimp, ika (raw squid), plum paste, daikon, cucumber, and tobiko. Don't forget to try the Kome Viche, fresh salmon marinated with mango, sliced madai, and yuzu.

Kome's Kome Viche, fresh salmon marinated with mango, sliced madai, and yuzu
{Photo via Kome's Facebook}

Tomodachi Sushi
If you don't frequent North Austin, Tomodachi Sushi (Tomo for short) can seem like a hike. But get in your car, it's worth it. Tomo's hip and cozy with a really creative menu. Try the Dynamite, made with baked scallop, shrimp and mushroom in a special Tomo sauce. We also love the Sea Urchin (uni), pictured below. The Ex Girlfriend roll is also a crowd pleasure, made with crab, avocado, spicy tuna with halibut tempura and spicy sauce.


Tomo's Fresh Uni
{Via Tomodachi's Facebook Page}

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