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Bufalina, the first ever Neapolitan pizzeria in Austin still draws big crowds even after being open for a year and a half. Be sure to arrive early to ensure you get a seat and enjoy the delicious food.

Residing in Downtown Austin, Lucky’s Puccias is one of the city’s most beloved food trucks. Lucky’s is the only place you will find an authentic Italian wood-fired sandwich known as a puccia in Austin. 

Authentic Italian Fare at Lucky's Puccias & Pizzeria

02.26.2015 by: Travis Sandoval
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Lucky's puccias and pizzeria

A look at the interior of the restaurant.

We’ve all been fans of the original Lucky’s Puccias food truck, and we’re thrilled to see a brick and mortar location open up with an expanded menu and hours. Partially funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign, the new brick and mortar location has added authentic Italian pizza and salads to their menu.

Lucky's puccias and pizzeria

The Diavola is like an upgrade of a classic pepperoni pizza.

The custom built wood-fired oven cooks up pizza with a crust made from the same dough as the puccias you’ve come to know and love. Lucky’s is known for using quality ingredients that Lucky himself samples. This commitment also applies to their simple and well done pizzas. On our trip we tried the Diavola, the most minimal pizza on the menu, which gives a high quality upgrade to a classic pepperoni pizza. This simple pie is topped with tomato, mozarella, and spicy salami. If you’d like a heartier pie, try the Capricosa, topped with tomato, mozzarella, ham, spicy salami, mushroom, artichokes, and olives. You also have the option of creating your own original pizza if you’d prefer to be creative.

Lucky's puccias and pizzeria

Lucky's famous puccias are also served up here.

Of course, we couldn’t stop into Lucky’s and not have one of their famous puccias. During this visit, we dug into the Hot Pastrami, made with pastrami, four Italian cheeses, peppers, mushrooms, red onion, and chipotle aioli. These sandwiches are pretty filling, but if you’ve got the appetite we recommend bringing a friend or two and sharing a puccia and a pizza. It’s the perfect sampling of Italian tastes.

While the addition of pizza may be the most exciting part of the menu, you can also find appetizers, salads, and desserts. And while this location may not be attached to a neighborhood bar, the restaurant does offer up wine and beer. If you've got a craving for authentic Italian this weekend, try Lucky's Puccias and Pizzeria!

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