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As the summer heat burns on, you may be yearning for a nice cool spot to grab a drink. Located in the middle of a midcentury era parking garage, Garage Cocktail Bar serves up delicious craft cocktails in a stylish setting. 

There's no better way to beat the heat than with a refreshing and festive beverage like a tiki drink. The lei and grass skirt are optional.

Sometimes after a long workday, a beer or glass of wine just won't cut it; you need the hard stuff.

Backbeat Brings Eclectic Cocktails to Offbeat South Austin

03.31.2016 by: Kerri Ratcliffe
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Backbeat, brought to us by the owners of drink.well, is set to be South Lamar’s hottest new spot. Having just opened a week ago, it’s already bringing in crowds for both its cocktails and its rooftop patio.

Taking its theme from the Blue Note Jazz era, both the mid-century modern décor and the inspired cocktails will take you back to a simpler time. Backbeat is separated into three different areas – the downstairs indoor bar with its banquettes and barstool seating; the stairs leading up to the patio, where patrons are encouraged to lounge; and the 400 square foot rooftop which is surrounded by Austin’s favorite type of plant - succulents.

View from the back entrance of the stairs and upstairs patio

Backbeat's mid-century modern interior

As with most trendy cocktail bars these days, the drinks are a bit eclectic and feature some ingredients that most amateur drink enthusiasts will never have heard of. Luckily, the servers are very knowledgeable and well versed on both the ingredients and how to describe the taste of each drink. The cocktail menu is split into three different sections (similar to the layout of the bar) – Up Beat, featuring vibrant, refreshing cocktails; Down Beat, brooding spirits that are stirred with wines or liqueurs; and the Off Beat, which is just that - oddball spirits and mixtures. 

We decided to venture out of our cocktail comfort zone a bit and tasted one from each. We ordered the Backbeat, a gin sour that’s shaken with celery, lemon and a génépy liqueur. This drink was incredibly refreshing and tasted similar to a fresh pressed juice (which makes it healthy, right?). From the Down Beat section, we tried the Bellevue Sling, a cocktail based on agricole rhum, banana liquor and vermouth. By no means am I a rum fan, but this drink was very smooth and instantly made me feel like I was vacationing on a tropical island. Lastly, we tried the Neon Jungle, a mezcal and rum mixed drink that packed a big punch. The liquor is cut with a coconut washed vermouth and fresh pressed pineapple and lime.

The Bellevue Sling

Neon Jungle

In addition to the delicious cocktails, Backbeat is also serving a handful of small plates. Their current menu features Turkish Spiced Almonds, Oysters on the Half Shell, a Pate Melt and an Artisan Salumi & Cheese Board. Never one to turn down a cheese plate, we ordered that to snack on while sipping on our cocktails. The cheese is sourced from one of our favorite cheese shops, Antonelli’s, and rotates weekly. 

Salumi & Cheese Board

Head over to Backbeat soon to see what all of the buzz is about! 

 {Backbeat's Official Facebook Page}

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