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Radio Coffee and Beer popped up on Manchaca Road near the Ben White intersection only a few months ago, but the coffee shop has already gained a cult-like following.

The team behind the favorite downtown coffee trailer, Patika Coffee, is excited to announce the official opening of their first brick and mortar location at 2159 South Lamar Boulevard. 

Seventh Flag Coffee resides in a completely refurbished house on South First Street and serves a selection of specialty coffee and pastries.

Bennu Coffee: Cozy Coffee Bar on the East Side

03.03.2015 by: Kerri Ratcliffe
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Bennu Coffee, located off of MLK Blvd in East Austin is so inviting and comfortable that you’ll lose all track of time while you’re there, which is perfectly fine considering they are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The goal of Bennu was to create an environment that felt like you were in someone’s living room, as opposed to a sterile business space. They sure did succeed!

Iced Bennu & Coffee Bar {Photo Courtesy of the Austin Chronicle}

The space is filled with cozy mismatched seating arrangements – some regular chairs, some lounge chairs, some office chairs and all different sized tables. With so many options, you’ll definitely find your favorite seat in the house. The great thing about this is that there is an outlet within arms reach of almost every seat. Some of them even hang down from the ceiling.

Bennu Coffee seating arrangement complete with an outlet hanging from the ceiling

Bennu Coffee’s specialty lies in their mocha menu. They offer a separate listing of about seven mocha drinks to choose from. On a past visit, I enjoyed the decadent Great Gatsby, which is a mix of white and dark chocolate sauces with homemade whipped cream and chocolate savings. This time around, I ordered a latte to keep me warm on this cool, rainy Austin day. The best thing about Bennu is that their menu items are sourced from local food vendors. Their pastries come from Russell’s Bakery, salads from Fricano’s, pizza from Hoboken Pie and tacos from Taco-Mex. They have something for everyone.

Pastries at Bennu {Photo Courtesy of Bennu Coffee's Website}

While lounging in one of their comfy seats and enjoying a pastry from a local shop, you can even shop for art. The walls of Bennu feature work by local artists and rotates once pieces are sold. So next time you’re looking for a quiet place to study, read a good book, or write a blog post while sipping on a specialty made coffee, be sure to check out Bennu and stay as long as you’d like!

Artwork by a local Austin artist 
Bennu Coffee Official Website

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