Blissful Brunch at Juliet Ristorante

06.01.2016 by: Leah McGarry
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As if Juliet's patio oasis wasn't reason enough to head to Barton Springs, the brunch menu also packs a delicious punch. I was so pleased to find available tables when we popped into Juliet during a respite from the rain last weekend. Only in Austin can you find such a beautiful patio right next door to a trailer park!

The inside of Juliet was very quiet at the time, which was probably not the best choice for dining with our one-year-old. Plus, who could resist the charming patio with lush greens, twinkling lights, and cheerful bar setting? Although the menu is what you might consider a bit more upscale for brunch, there were other children around and the wait staff was extremely accommodating.

Juliet Ristorante's patio oasis

We started our brunch with two standout cocktails. I selected the bellini of the day and lucked out with blackberry that was both pretty and delicious. We also sampled the Italian mule, a clever take made with grappa, lime, ginger beer, montenegro and root beer. This drink managed to be both spicy and refreshing at the same time.

Brunch cocktails - Italian Mule and Blackberry Bellini

For our meals, we opted for one pizza and one pasta in true Italian fashion. The pizza we chose was the Pisolino because we couldn't resist the combination of cured meat, fontina, scallions and egg. I have to admit, though, that my selection of the brunch risotto was the clear winner at our table. I chowed down on this decadent blend of peas, pancetta, poached egg, and parmesan. 

Pisolino brunch pizza

Brunch risotto, a decadent but delicious choice for early in the day!

LocalSugar has been a fan of Juliet since its opening, but I'm so glad to add this to my brunch rotation. It was truly a pleasure to enjoy not-so-run-of-the-mill brunch dishes in such a beautiful and relaxing setting.

{Official website: Juliet Ristorante}

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