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Break the Ice with Snow Monster

08.05.2014 by: Travis Sandoval
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Summer in Austin just got a little cooler with the introduction of Taiwanese-style shaved ice at Snow Monster on North Lamar. Unlike other shaved ice, this variety is offered in a variety of flavors mixed with frozen milk and served in soft ribbons with fruit toppings. The result tastes like a combination of shaved ice and ice cream. 

Snow Monster

A view of Snow Monster's frozen offerings.

Each snow ice flavor is served with one coordinating topping and a side of panna cotta. Along with the typical fruit flavors, you'll find more exotic options like Taro, Matcha, and Thai Tea. If you're looking for something with a lighter taste that goes perfectly with any topping, try out the Creamy Milk snow ice. But if you're looking for a truly unique experience, order the Thai Tea, which is served with tapioca balls, and add on some fruit and lychee pearls.  Serving sizes are pretty large, so it's a good idea to bring a buddy to share with. 

 Snow Monster 

Thai Tea with tapioca, lychee pearls, mango, and panna cotta.

Aside from the snow ice, the menu also includes fresh fruit shaved ice, which is the more familiar unflavored kind served with fruit toppings and a drizzle of sweetened condensed milk. You'll also be able to get cream blend drinks and a variety of tea and coffee drinks. 

  Snow Monster  

For the less adventurous, try the Creamy Milk with strawberries.

Snow Monster is located on North Lamar, near the Chinatown center and several other ethnic restaurants and shops. The interior is a casual space, brightly lit and colorful with plenty of seating. On Sunday afternoons, it's not uncommon to find a crowd of families lined up for the frozen treat. 

    Snow Monster    

Grab a group to share with!

With the temperatures rising, you'll definitely want to explore this tasty new fare. And if you're counting calories, it's not like it's ice cream, right? 

{Snow Monster's Official Site}

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