Brunch Favorites at Blue Dahlia Bistro

09.30.2014 by: Beth Stockwell Vanderkolk
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Blue Dahlia Bistro is one of those rare restaurants where, even when it's packed to the gills with customers, it's undeniably relaxing to just spend a leisurely meal with friends or a loved one. Maybe it's the familial feeling at the communal tables, maybe it's the warm wood tables, or maybe it's the accommodating and friendly waitstaff, but something about Blue Dahlia makes you want to settle in and take your time over a lovely meal.

On my most recent visit for brunch, I decided to start off healthy and quickly changed plans to a more decadent brunch. A friend and I began our brunch on a drizzly, grey Sunday with coffee (for her) and a soy cappucino (for me) - don't you love when you can get non-dairy alternatives to your favorite drinks without feeling like an annoyance? Both drinks arrived at our table in no time.

Coffee and Soy Cappuccino

Wanting to redeem myself after an exceedingly late night of drinking, I ordered the Homemade Granola with Fresh Berries and almond milk on the side. The homemade granola was awesome and I would definitely order it again. Having it topped with fresh, flavorful berries made it all the more yummy.

Homemade Granola with Fresh Berries

Though the granola and berries were delish, my hangover begged for more food. Luckily, my brunch date ordered one of the frittatas which is more than enough food to share! The frittata was fluffy and filling, and was served with housemade pesto, salad, and lots of fresh housemade bread. Don't forget to ask for the spread trio- it's complimentary and comes with orange marmalade, raspberry jam, and Nutella. Spread those bad boys all over that bread- you won't be sorry.

Frittata, salad, housemade pesto, housemade bread

Being the impulsive eater that I am, I found myself blurting out an order for Belgian waffles when our waitress came to check on us. I'd just have one bite, just to satisfy the craving - that's what I told myself. But we cleaned the plate in no time! The waffles came out hot and not too sweet- perfect with a drizzle of syrup.

Belgian Waffles

Blue Dahlia Bistro is perfect for so many occasions, including but not limited to a romantic dinner, brunch with friends, lunch with coworkers, or just for wine and cheese at happy hour. I'm a regular at both the 11th Street and Westlake locations, so don't be surprised if you see me lounging at a table on your next visit!

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