Bufalina: A Slice of Neapolitan Pizza Heaven

01.28.2015 by: Kerri Ratcliffe
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Bufalina, the first Neapolitan-style pizzeria in Austin has received critical acclaim since opening on East Caesar Chavez in June 2013. I recently dined at Bufalina on a Sunday evening. I was told to arrive early as they don’t take reservations and the line can get rather long, rather quickly. Bufalina is only open Wednesday-Sunday beginning at 5:30pm and believe me you’ll definitely want to get there early! I arrived at 5:15pm and there was already a line of about 20 people, which was a little daunting as the restaurant only seats about 35 people (not including the small bar space).

Small but inviting Dining Room at Bufalina {Photo via Austin Culture Map}

Once we were let inside and seated, I was immediately drawn towards the wood-burning oven where the pizzas were being made. The oven gets up to 950 degrees in order to cook the pizzas so quickly. Luckily, it does not warm up the restaurant too much! The restaurant itself is minimally decorated, with unfinished walls and small vases on top of the bar shelves. Bufalina wants the focus to be on the food and they certainly do a good job of that.


Wood fired pizza oven in the back of the restaurant is a constant source of action

The menu made it hard to decide, but we finally settled on the Duck Confit appetizer and the Fresca pizza. The Duck Confit starter was incredible! It consisted of the duck with creamy orzo and fennel in a tasty sauce and a crispy pickled radish finish. I would order two of these to have as an entrée.


Delicious Duck Confit starter - a must try

The Fresca pizza really lives up to its name. The pizza is covered in a giant helping of prosciutto picante, arugula, meyer lemon, mozzarella and olive oil. The zesty meyer lemon really gives it a fresh flavor. If you aren’t super hungry, you can easily split a pizza between two people, but I’d recommend getting two so that you can try more.


 The Fresca pizza makes you feel good about eating pizza because of all of the green on top

Bufalina also offers a great wine and beer selection. The wine is mostly French & Italian, and the beer is mostly local. The food menu at Bufalina changes seasonally which means the majority of the pizzas will rotate; however, the Margherita & Marinara pizzas are mainstays. I can’t wait to get back and try them all!

Bufalina Pizza Official Website

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