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Can't Get Enough of Thai Kun

07.28.2016 by: Tom Harris
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The East Side King empire’s growth shows no signs of abating. Its latest entry on the scene is a Thai Kun brick-and-mortar in the Domain’s burgeoning Rock Rose district. It expands on and deepens the bold, fiery Thai cuisine that restaurant’s beloved trailer executes so wonderfully.

Standard-issue East Side King zaniness

The restaurant’s décor is typical ESK kitsch—zany murals that reference street art aesthetic splash across dimly lit walls.

Thai Kun’s interior

There’s an emphasis on family-style dining, which lends itself to a sort of happy overeating as one gets a little more of this, returns again to that.

A brightly sour, blisteringly spicy pork rib soup

On deck this time were an oyster mushroom stir-fry, pork rib soup, a roasted half-chicken, a whole fish, and a side of water spinach. MAYBE our party of three was a bit ambitious. Just maybe.

Pick your poison: the roasted chicken, with two dipping sauces

Thai Kun’s roasted chicken is marinated in coconut milk before being roasted. That extra infusion of fat makes for what seems like an impossibly moist piece of chicken. Two dipping sauces cut the richness and provide sweetness and heat, respectively.

Delightfully deep-fried

The whole fish was succulent, with a thick crispy crust buttressing mild, sweet flesh, though it did need the blazing and tart mango salad to fully come into its own. It must be said—the spiciness at Thai Kun is no joke. I like to think of myself as someone who can handle his heat, but one particular bite about halfway through the salad delivered a scorching haymaker, and from there on out I was a hopeless baby. Only the mild, vegetal sautéed water spinach offered any respite.

But if it means I'm eating at Thai Kun, I’d happily go through pain like that again anytime.

{Thai Kun Official Website}

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