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Classic Greek at Santorini Cafe

03.13.2015 by: Travis Sandoval
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North Austin is fast becoming a destination for all ethnic food in town. Not only is the area home to some of the best Asian food, but new Middle Eastern and Mediterranean restaurants have popped up recently. Santorini Cafe is a Walnut Creek favorite that we stopped in to check out.

Santorini Cafe

Santorini's deck offers plenty of outdoor seating. 

Located in a rustic shopping center on North Lamar, Santorini Cafe is a casual family friendly spot. A huge deck wraps around the building, offering plenty of patio space to enjoy the spring weather. Around the side of the building you’ll find even more seating along with yard games like horse shoes and outdoor kids toys. Inside, the converted house has a couple of rooms you can sit in. There’s a bar to one side where you’ll find Kassi, one of the owners, ready to take your order.

Santorini Cafe

The Plate with lamb is a simple and classic Greek meal.

The menu is relatively simple with the focus being on classic Greek gyros stuffed with lamb, chicken, meatballs, cod, or all veggies. There’s also a plate where you can choose your meat served with dolmas, salad, and tzatziki. Other mediterranean fare includes the pasticcio (a pasta-like dish made with macaroni, beef, and béchamel sauce) and moussaka (an egg plant based dish with potatoes, beef, and béchamel sauce). 12-inch pizzas round out the menu, with offerings including margarita, lamb, pepperoni, veggie, and meatball.

Santorini Cafe

You'll find plenty of shareable appetizers on the menu. {Photo courtesy of Santorini Cafe's Facebook page}

Santorini definitely feels like a neighborhood gathering spot and appropriately offers up shareable appetizers like hummus and cheese plates to name a few. You can also sip on a great selection of wines (including some from Greece), draft beers, and coffee. In the neighborly spirit, a complimentary dessert of Greek beignets are common.

Santorini Cafe

Extra seating continues around the house along with space for yard games.

Whether you call north Austin home or just in that neck of the woods, stop into Santorini Cafe. 

Santorini Cafe Official Website

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