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DEE DEE is Dee-Lish

09.08.2016 by: Tom Harris
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With all the new Thai food trucks opening in East Austin it was only a matter of time before one would pop up in the rapidly developing Holly neighborhood. That truck is DEE DEE, owned and operated by a husband-and-wife duo, dishing out vibrant and fiery takes on Thai street food standbys.

DEE DEE, here criminally unnoticed by the thronging crowd waiting for La Barbecue next door

On a recent visit, we found DEE DEE tucked in the back of a food truck lot on Cesar Chavez, where a lush, spreading pecan tree provides welcome respite from the Austin sun. After a bit of back-and-forth soliciting recommendations, we settled on the Pad Kapow (stir-fried pork and egg) and the Som Tom (made-to-order papaya salad). The papaya salad came with a tightly wrapped pouch of sticky rice.

All wrapped up and ready to go (with bonus sticky rice)

Pad Ka-POW!

The Pad Kapow box contained a frankly ludicrous amount of food. Getting a sense of scale in photos is always difficult, but look at how the length of the full-sized fork two photos above is shorter than the box. This is a large box, and it was completely full, easily enough for two, if not three, meals.

And what a meal it was. It makes sense that this intensely fragrant and hearty dish, with thoughtful touches like fried basil and cooling cucumber, is the most popular at DEE DEE.

A boldly bright green papaya salad

Fiery and refreshing, bursting with citrusy sourness, savory tomatoes, crisp, cold shredded vegetables, and earthy peanuts, the Som Tom was a nearly visceral dish and is probably the best papaya salad in town. It was spicy enough that finishing the salad without stepping away for a reprieve felt like a gauntlet at points, but the capsaicin-induced relaxation that comes after eating that much chile was sublime.

As the truck was unexpectedly closing shop early that day, we didn’t get to try more options, including the touted mango with sticky rice, a dessert for which I have a marked weakness. But hey, that’s a perfect excuse to return.

{DEE DEE Official Site}

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