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Dang Banh Mi Debuts in North Austin

07.25.2014 by: Travis Sandoval
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If you're craving some Asian food, north Austin is the place to go with several options from around the continent. The latest addition to this burgeoning food scene is Dang Bánh Mì on Burnet Road.

Dang Banh Mi

We started off with the Som Tam, a green papaya salad from Thailand, and a spring roll.

Created by the team behind Pluckers, Dang serves up authentic banh mi sandwiches based on 100-year-old recipes from the famous Bánh Mì Phuong food cart. You may recognize the name from a recommendation on Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations. Phuong has never shared her recipes with anyone before and only agreed because she loved the idea of people enjoying her sandwiches in a country she has yet to visit. 

 Dang Banh Mi 

A sampling of three bánh mì sandwiches, including the Oxtail and Dang Original.

Last week, we were invited to attend a media preview of the new restaurant and taste . We sampled a few of the delicious banh mi including the Dang Original, made with pork and accented with a refreshing mix of mint and cilantro. Our favorite sandwich of the night was the Oxtail, made with oxtail from their homemade pho stock that's braised for 12 hours and only available in limited batches. Another stand out is the Lemongrass Tofu, which features a delicious crispy tofu that could almost be confused for fried chicken. Each sandwich is also deliciously topped with a fried egg.

  Dang Banh Mi  

The restaurant also features other dishes like Pho.

The menu also features Vietnamese pho and bun made with fresh ingredients and served with an abundance of herbs and greens.

    Dang Banh Mi    

Vietnamese Bún features a nice mix of greens and a side of nuoc cham, a dipping sauce.

Dang Banh Mi is meant to be casual and approachable, a sentiment that's reflected in the space's design. Inspired by traditional Vietnamese street markets, the restaurant features reclaimed wood floors as well as unique touches like hanging basket lights and a colorful wall art installation that wraps around the dining room. 

     Dang Banh Mi     

A look at the basket lights and wall art.

Add Dang Bánh Mì onto your to-do list this weekend. Your stomach will thank you.

Dang Bánh Mì's Offical Website

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