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Dim Sum at New Fortune Chinese Seafood

02.02.2015 by: Travis Sandoval
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New Fortune Chinese Seafood is the latest addition to north Austin's Asian food scene, currently only open on weekends for dim sum. If you’re looking for an atypical brunch option, dim sum is a great choice. There’s nothing like choosing from cart after cart of delectable dishes for your first meal of the day. While I always enjoy it, I’m usually the least educated diner and rely on a more experienced friend to guide me. This time, I decided to take the reigns and navigate the meal myself.

New Fortune

We started with pork turnovers and taro bread.

Round 1

It’s a good idea to get a good look at what’s being served before taking any orders. With that in mind, we started off with only two dishes we couldn’t resist: taro bread and pork turnovers. The pork turnovers were a perfect balance of sweet and savory. The outside layer of the pastry is flaky but the inside is sweet and gooey. The taro bread is a sweet pastry that makes a perfect start to the day.

 New Fortune 

Clockwise from center: Spare ribs, tofu chicken rolls, eggplant shrimp, BBQ pork buns, and sticky rice.

Round 2

After checking out different carts and taking suggestions from the attendants, we were ready to stock up our table. This time we picked up the eggplant shrimp, BBQ pork buns, tofu chicken rolls, spare ribs, and sticky rice. While all delicious, BBQ pork buns are a personal favorite and did not disappoint. The tofu chicken rolls were a new discovery and feature chicken wrapped in a thin layer of tofu that seems almost like a soggy eggroll. My least favorite was the spare ribs, which taste great but have a lot of bone.

   New Fortune   

We finished off with a strawberry dessert roll and a stuffed avocado.

Round 3

We were pretty stuffed at this point but couldn’t leave without dessert (strawberry roll) and a stuffed avocado. Layers of tobiko, shredded crab, and shrimp are baked over the avocado, which make it hearty and savory.

Remember that with dim sum it’s extremely easy to go overboard, ordering too many plates and racking up a hefty bill. Be sure to feel it out and get comfortable declining yet another pot of steamed dumplings. The waitstaff are also extremely helpful if you're not sure what something is or would like recommendations. 

      New Fortune      

The dining room is spacious and casual.

The restaurant’s interior is spacious with high ceilings and plenty of tables. The room is lit by a wall of windows, letting in natural light, and a few gorgeous chandeliers that add a touch of elegance. 

This weekend, get some dim sum at New Fortune Chinese Seafood!

New Fortune Chinese Official Website

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