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12.04.2013 by: Beth Stockwell Vanderkolk
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Dock and Roll Diner, Austin's first trailer dedicated to lobster rolls, serves up incredible lobster rolls, housemade chips. tater tots and other sides, as well as options for those who don't want seafood. Chef Lee Krassner learned the art of the lobster roll on the East Coast and has been putting a fun spin on different variations here in town.

If you're a traditionalist, you should stick with The Maine Event, made with fresh lobster meat, special house mayo, Old Bay lemon butter, and chive, served on a freshly baked roll. The Mass Roll adds chopped celery, and The Long Island Roll adds both diced celery and onion. For added tomato and romaine lettuce, opt for The Rhode Island. Order The Connecticut for lobster meat sauteed in butter and topped wtih chive and lemon wedge (but not served cold like the traditional rolls).

But if you're feeling adventurous, try one of these crustacion creations:

- The Austin Roll: lobster roll with habanero sauce
- The El Fuerte Roll: lobster roll with serrano pepper sauce, diced onion, cilantro, and a lime wedge
- The Ninja Roll: lobster roll with housemade umami sauce, jalapeno-ginger sauce, and slaw
- The Real BLT: lobster roll with chicken fried bacon and tomato

If seafood isn't for you, Dock and Roll also serves the following:

- Bacon Love: chicken fried bacon, sliced tomato, lettuce, feta-ranch sauce
- South Westlake: grilled chicken, rajas, grilled corn, crumbled cotija cheese
- Oh Boy, Peaux Boy: cornmeal crusted shrimp, corn, slaw, and housemade remoulade
- Infidel Castro: Cuban-rubbed smoked pork, proscuitto, swiss cheese, pickless, vaquero sauce, jalapenos
- Blue Bahnett: Vietnamese marinated pork, umami sauce, asian slaw, cilantro, jalapenos



The Maine Event


The Long Island Roll and Cole Slaw


The Ninja Roll


The Oh Boy, Peaux Boy (You can order all rolls sans-bread as a salad!)


Bacon Love

   Dock and Roll Diner is parked in the Elizabeth Street Cafe parking lot on S. 1st, and they're open Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday from 11am-3pm, and Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 11am-8pm, closed on Mondays.

{Dock and Roll Diner Official Website}

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