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Dramatic, Curated Vintage at Laced With Romance

12.11.2015 by: Vanessa Miller
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Laced with Romance is one of those vintage shops where you find the treasure of a lifetime, without the arm fatigue of flipping through racks and racks of clothes. The pieces here are especially curated with a dramatic, brassy edge — plenty of leather, velvet, fur, and fringe.

Curated pieces make shopping here more enjoyable.

Their selection of clothes is very impressive, but not to be overlooked are the shelves of boots above your head.  Western, biker, velvet embroidered... they have a varied collection.  And there is a great selection of handmade jewelry as well.  There are bolos with turquoise stones and arm cuffs of stamped metal, necklaces and rings with precious polished rocks.  You can be sure that anything you wear from this shop will be really unique and noticed.   

Pick up a piece of jewelry that will be noticed.

In addition to vintage clothing and accessories, there is also the original line of clothing by the owner, Stephanie Villalobos, and collaborator Bekah Dubose — Dust & Drag. There’s a bit of flowing romance mixed with some dark and deep edginess. These beautiful sci-fi/Bohemian pieces will carry you fashionably through the future apocalypse.

Edgy, yet sophisticated

Don't forget to look up at the boots and complete your outfit.

If you’re looking for unique vintage clothing and accessories, save yourself the years of striking out at thrift stores.  Stephanie has the perfect finds all in one spot., and the sweet selection of clothing and handmade jewelry cannot be found anywhere else.

{Laced with Romance Official Website}

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