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El Sapo Hops Onto Manor Road

04.25.2014 by: Travis Sandoval
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The Manor Road neighborhood is quickly becoming a hot spot for restaurants and bars and now has added a new Tex Mex burger cantina, El Sapo. Previously, the space housed another burger joint from the same owners, Flat Top Burger Shop.

Tex Mex burgers may be a fairly new idea and might be daunting to the unadventurous eater, but rest assured, they're filled with goodness. As you might expect, there are plenty of peppers, beans, and guacamole added to these sandwiches. And if you love spice in your life, there are several spicy burgers on the menu to choose from. On our visit we tried the Chori-Pica which featured chorizo, fire roasted jalpeños, jack cheese, pico, and guacamole. It was an interesting mix and not overly spicy at all.

El Sapo

The Chori-Pica with a side of flaky onion rings.

If you have different dietary requirements, you'll be able to find some options here, too. The Frijolito and El Alma burgers are vegetarian and the Chalupa Burger is gluten free. Don't expect El Sapo to stop with regular beef burgers either. There are plates with burgers made with chicken, fish, pork, lamb, and shrimp.

 El Sapo's cocktails 

Aside from being delicious, the cocktails have playful names and stylish looks like this Diablito.

There are also plenty of delicious speciality cocktails to wash your burger down. This is a cantina after all. On our visit we sampled the Little Boy Blue, a bourbon drink with a lemony zest, and Skeleton Dance, a spicy tequila beverage with watermelon purée.

 El Sapo Interior 

The restaurant's interior is brightly colored evoking a fun Latin vibe.

The restaurant features mostly outdoor seating but there is limited indoor seating around the bar. Bright teal and red décor give the space a casual and fun atmosphere. Several art pieces around the eatery present modern takes on traditional Latin artwork. One of the best focal pieces, a beautiful lit up sign reading, “La Cantina” sits behind the bar.

If you're looking for excitement in your next burger or a different spot to enjoy the spring weather with some cocktails and friends, be sure to check out El Sapo.

{Photos courtesy of     El Sapo's Facebook page    }

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