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Eliza Page Sparkles at the Domain

02.07.2017 by: Beth Stockwell Vanderkolk
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When you're looking for jewelry for yourself or a loved one, the last thing you want is a piece that you see on lots of other people. Stand out from the crowd with gorgeous jewelry from Eliza Page. The boutique has a gallery-like experience and organization that makes it easy to find what you're looking for- whether it's from a specific designer or in a speciifc price range. Eliza Page's flagship location is on Second Street, but they recently opened a smaller yet just as elegant boutique in the Domain's north side. We popped in to check out the baubles (and had a really hard time leaving without some bling)!

Duck into Eliza Page's tiny jewelbox location in the Domain

Though the vast majority of Eliza Page's inventory can be described as pricey, there's a solid little selection of affordable goods as well. These items were conveniently located on the front table of the Eliza Page Domain space. We saw tons of great delicate necklaces for layering, bold beaded necklaces, some great wrap bracelets, and a variety of earrings from small to large. We love that Eliza Page walks a fine line between balancing statement jewelry and more classic delicate jewelry. Whether you're looking for every day jewelry that you can essentially never take off, or a bolder piece to accent a neutral outfit, Eliza Page has got you covered.

Affordable finds are front and center once you enter.

Admittedly, it's most satisfying going to Eliza Page with a big budget in hand. They stock some amazing fine jewelry designers with delicate diamonds and other stones and high quality gold and platinum. Move aside, costume jewelry, because these pieces are here to stay. It's best to look at this kind of jewelry as a long-term investment. Regardless, if you're budget isn't wild, Eliza Page still has a great mid-range selection, like the Under $500 case seen below. You'll still be able to score some glittering diamonds without maxing out your card. Alternatively, if price doesn't dictate your pick, peruse the other cabinets in the store to view jewelry by designer, instead of jewelry by price.

Looking for luxury but on a budget- this case keeps it under $500.

Other cases are sorted by designer.

If you're on the road to engagement or a wedding, Eliza Page is the perfect place to shop (or send your loved one) for rings. These boho delights are a far cry from the standard rings you'll find at Zales, but they're just as timeless. There are so many great options that you'll start considering layering your wedding jewelry- who needs just one wedding band when you can have five? They also have a solid selection of men's rings.

Here comes the bride, or groom! Check out the wedding ring selection!

Go above and beyond for yourself or a loved one by placing an order for personalized or one of a kind jewelry! There's a ton of baubles that can be monogrammed, or chosen by initial(s). You can also work with the boutique on a completely custom piece!

Personalized and one of a kind jewelry is also available.

Whether you're just window shopping or looking to spoil yourself or someone else, Eliza Page is a delight for the eyes. 

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