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Enjoy a British Bakery Breakfast at Brentwood Social House

01.12.2017 by: Tom Harris
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Is British cuisine world-class? To those whose concept of the cuisine ends at bangers and mash and kidney pudding, the answer might not be very positive. But those typical dishes don’t tell the whole story. The British Isles are renowned for their esteemed baking tradition, which include an exquisite array of sweet and savory pies, tarts, quiches, frittatas, scones, and breads. This aspect of British cuisine is indeed world-class, perhaps even without parallel, and Brentwood Social House turns out British baked goods with the best of them.

I can attest that this display encourages impulse buying.

Brentwood Social House is a cheery, homey spot in - you guessed it - Brentwood. Walking in, you’re greeted with the warm aroma of baking bread as Brentwood Social House turns out fresh pastries throughout the day.

Brentwood Social House’s espresso machine, always in heavy use.

I arrived with friends for breakfast one morning and, because of my enthusiasm for all things wheat-based and our large group, we ended up ordering virtually the whole menu. In short: There wasn’t a single thing we sampled that wasn’t, at worst, very, very good. Because of this, selecting highlights is frankly somewhat arbitrary, but I’ll do my best:

A scone that makes me want to rhapsodize about scones.

Calling the Fat Rascal, with its firm, crisp crust encasing a fluffy, buttery crumb studded with currants and almonds, a scone is like calling Buckingham Palace a domicile. The thing is pitch-perfect, with an understated sweetness that never overstays its welcome.

The British answer to the breakfast taco.

The Breakfast Pie is what you might imagine—roasted potatoes, onions, tomatoes and eggs wrapped in a flaky pastry crust. Savory and satisfying, this was probably the table’s overall favorite.

A Cheese Pasty (left) and a Sausage Roll—the magic is inside.

Biting into a Cheese Pasty, with warm cheddar from Antonelli’s oozing out of a finely layered imported Belgian puff pastry not unlike a croissant, is a rare pleasure indeed.

The Sunny Mediterranean Tart, with seductive fresh ricotta from Antonelli’s.

For more hearty dishes, try one of their tarts like the Sunny Mediterranean Tart made with sweet potatoes and zucchini or a seasonal frittata made with vegetables of the season and potatoes. When you feel like indulging, try one of their handcrafted meat pies like Chicken, Veggie Currie or Steak and Ale - a recent daily special.

Brentwood Social House on a recent winter’s morning.

Brentwood Social House uses fresh, local ingredients (with the exception of some imported from the UK) in their sweet and savory items. Espresso, locally brewed coffee and tea from Zhi Tea offer the perfect beverage accompaniment to the sweet offerings you'll find at this lovely British bakery.

{Brentwood Social House Official Website}

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