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Family Friendly Fun at Twisted Root Burger

05.18.2015 by: Travis Sandoval
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The Dallas import, Twisted Root Burger, has set up shop on Burnet Road, giving North Austin a taste of their delicious burgers.

Twisted Root Burger

A look at the recycled beer bottle pendant lamps.

The restaurant’s atmosphere is extremely playful and colorful. Outside you’ll find picnic tables and a bar decorated to look like a caddy shack. There’s also a putting green that wraps around the building. Inside the restaurant, there are campy touches throughout like light fixtures made from beer bottles. When you place your order, you’ll also be given a celebrity’s name for pick up. The staff even get a little playful, sometimes impersonating the given celebrity.

Twisted Root Burger

We were given the role of Joan Rivers for the night.

Twisted Root Burger is not only a great place to gather with friends, but you can definitely bring along your little ones. These days it’s rare enough to find a family friendly dining spot in Austin, let alone one that has a decent menu.

Twisted Root Burger

Fancy a drink? Hit up the caddy shack.

The amount of creativity on the menu is one of the highlights of dining here. The favorites menu offers up hearty burgers with plenty of messy toppings. During our visit we tried the Spicy Goat (topped with Chipotle sauce, goat cheese, and bacon) and the Ranch Hand (topped with peppercorn ranch, bacon, and aged swiss).

Twisted Root Burger

The Spicy Goat, open faced and hot off the grill with a side of fried green beans.

Aside from the set menu of sandwiches, you can also build your own burger from the ground up with any crazy combination of toppings you’d like. Any of these burgers can also be made to fit vegetarian or gluten-free diets. It’s also exciting to see game options available. For $4 more, you can choose from venison, elk, ostrich, kangaroo, emu, boar, gator, rabbit, camel, duck, or beaver.

Twisted Root Burger

The Ranch Hand with a side of sweet potato chips.

While straight-cut fries and sweet potato chips are great side options, there are also interesting items like fried pork skins and fried green beans. There’s also a pickle bar with several options like spicy, sweet, and dill.

Twisted Root Burger

A peek at the colorful and casual interior.

If you’re looking for a change from your normal burger routine, give Twisted Root Burger a try! 

Twisted Root Burger Official Site

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