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Fashionable Fitness by Outdoor Voices

10.18.2016 by: Beth Stockwell Vanderkolk
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Gone are the days of working out in baggy sweatpants and an old tshirt. With athleisure being all the rage, you can take your workout clothes right from the gym to your car to run around town doing errands, all without looking like a slob. Outdoor Voices, often nicknamed "OV," in particular is bringing fashion to the athletics world. Their mix and match pieces are not only super chic, but also wildly comfortable and incredibly well made. The tops and bottoms have the perfect amount of compression, stretch, and moisture wicking properties that even a tough workout won't have you feeling icky afterward. If skin tight yoga gear isn't your thing, fear not; OV has a variety of cuts and styles for every kind of activity.

Located on Blanco, just off of West 6th in Clarksville

Sunny, bright shop interior

One thing in particular we love about OV is that their activewear isn't covered in gimmicky slogans or logos. These streamlined pieces can be paired together in so many different combinations, and you won't find yourself sticking out like a sore thumb in day-glo colors. But some colors are offered! Step away from head-to-toe black and embrace the muted colors and patterns offered at OV. The new fall arrivals, in particular, come in a variety of gorgeous muted shades of eggplant purple, dark teal blue, and muted seafoam green.

The attitude at OV is also different from other athletic wear competitors in the sense that you don't need to be an extreme athlete or yoga fanatic in order to feel like you're the target customer. Outdoor Voices is focused on people who are out and about doing regular activities, as well as more intense fitness. Outdoor Voices will outfit you for walking the dog with your baby in the stroller, a pick up soccer or basketball game, a quick run to the gym or even a few sets of the Mount Bonnell stairs.

So many great black, grey, and navy neutral basics

A fun peek at a new fall arrival outfit

But wait- a whole wall of new fall arrivals! So many great colors

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Minimalist perfection seating area by the dressing room

Outdoor Voices is a pressure-free environment, so don't be intimidated by the incredibly helpful staff. They don't care if you're looking for pants for your bikram classes or pants for a quick dog walk; they're just happy to help you feel comfortable in your skin.

One thing to note, however: parking can be sort of a pain in this neighborhood. So in the vein of activity encouragement, feel free to visit on foot or by bike.

{Outdoor Voices official website}

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