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Find a Unique, Inspiring Treasure at Take Heart

11.09.2015 by: Vanessa Miller
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It’s hard to categorize exactly what sort of things you may discover in East Austin’s beautiful Take Heart shop — a gift shop with an array of earth-hued pottery, art, books, cards, incense, candles, jewelry, textiles, and handmade toys.  

Thich Nhat Hanh's Moments of Mindfulness and hand-turned coffee scoops

Some things are simply gorgeous and unique pieces to enjoy at home, other things are charming and useful for every day, and still other things may inspire you to go out in nature or to begin watercolor painting again.  You can’t put your finger on what links all these earthly, abstract pieces, but you do want to put your fingers on everything.  I found myself wanting to hold the cool, clay vases that are glazed in the gradients of a winter ocean, touch the hearty mugs meant for warm cups of tea, to shake the soft wooden baby rattles, and to smell the little scents perfumed with a walk in the deep woods.  I wanted to smell, touch, feel, hear all of it. Take Heart is a gift shop that delights all of your senses - both the outer ones, and the inner ones.  I actually felt different when I left the carefully arranged, light-filled space.  More hopeful?  Peaceful?  Inspired.  The way you feel after you leave a museum.

Just one of many tabletops full of handmade pottery

When I asked owner Nina Gordon how she chose the things she curates for her shop, she said simply that it was all “stuff I liked.”  I think in this case, the stuff she likes is the stuff everyone likes.  There are many items (incense, cards, pottery, hand-stitched drink coasters, impossibly tiny polished wooden spoons) from Japan - the mecca of beautiful, distilled goods that produce the most enjoyment with the smallest amount of effort and complication.  There is also local Austin pottery, and pottery from the Pacific Northwest.  Books to teach children to be still and wonder at the world they live in, and books to remind adults to cultivate their inner artist.  Thoughtful birthday cards and sweet sticker sheets from Korea.  Intricate handmade dolls from a local artist that make you wish you were young enough to ask for one for Christmas.  And countless other things.  Mostly, I loved discovering all the things that I had never laid my senses on before, but that all somehow felt so familiar to me.

Hand-sewn one-of-a-kind dolls made by a local Austin artist

What will you love most?  This is the place you can go to be inspired, or to find the most perfect, beautiful gift that will make someone’s eyes light up with delight.  Thank you Take Heart for making Austin a little more special. 

{Take Heart}

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