Five Best Tortilla Soups in Austin

01.11.2016 by: Beth Stockwell Vanderkolk
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There are a few ways to tell if a Mexican restaurant is truly legit- by the salsa, the amount of cheese they use (less is more, actually), and by the tortilla soup. Great tortilla soup is oddly hard to come by, and when you get a great bowl, it's so comforting. The most basic version starts with chicken bone broth that'll warm you up in no time. But as more ingredients are added into the pot, you really begin to understand the more complex, hearty flavors that make tortilla soup great. A few Austin restaurants come to mind when thinking of where to get truly great tortilla soup, and we rounded them up for you here!


What doesn't Tacodeli do right? They seem to really hit the nail on the head in each of their dishes, so a great tortilla soup (they call it Sopa de Pollo) here is no surprise. The Tacodeli tortilla soup is a bit thinner than you might see in other restaurants, but it makes for a really great remedy when you're feeling cold, sick, or having trouble with Austin allergies. It's warm, the broth is comforting, and there's just enough avocado, chicken, and other ingredients in the soup to satiate your appetite.

TacoDeli Sopa de Pollo (chicken tortilla soup)
Photo via TacoDeli's Twitter


Though Vivo serves modern Tex Mex food, their tortilla soup is surprisingly traditional. The chile-spiced chicken broth lays a great foundation for the soup, which is mild enough for kids too. We wouldn't venture to call their version bold, but it'll definitely have us coming back for more. Don't forget to pair it with one of their beautiful and delicious margaritas!

Vivo Tortilla Soup
Photo via Vivo's Instagram


South Austin's Polvos serves great interior Mexican food and drinks. It's been popular in Austin for years, and it's also a great place to take out of towners, thanks to an epic salsa bar, great patio, and very lively atmosphere. There's nothing fancy about Polvos, and we love that their focus is just on good food and good times. Another great thing about Polvos is that they make their own corn tortillas- and those are used in their soup. The tortillas are super fresh, super authentic, and it's really fun to watch them being made. If you're smart, you'll request a few extras on the side of your soup for dipping.

Polvos on South 1st Street


Manuel's proudly proclaims that their tortilla soups are great hangover cures. They feature not only a traditional tortilla soup, but another, spicier version that has 3 different types of roasted chiles. Manuel's tortilla soup has a roux broth which gives the soup a heartier mouth feel and finish than one with a thinner broth. This heavier version may be what makes their soup a hangover cure!

Manuel's tortilla soup
Photo via Manuel's Facebook page

El Chile

Last but certainly not least, El Chile's tortilla soup is surely one of the best in Austin. Their recipe is by Chef Alma and is made with a rich chicken-and-ancho pepper base, then topped with avocado, queso fresco, tortilla strips, and crema. It's hearty, comforting, and perfectly seasoned. This soup is incredibly flavorful and filling, and the best part is that it's actually pretty healthy. That means you're stomach's happy, and your waistline is too.

El Chile's tortilla soup
Photo via El Chile's Facebook page

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