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Forthright is Downtown's Newest Secret Spot

08.04.2016 by: Beth Stockwell Vanderkolk
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Now's the best time to go to Forthright. Word hasn't quite spread that this gorgeous and delicious cafe has opened on Brazos off of Cesar Chavez, so you won't have to fight the downtown crowds... yet. Hardly visible from the street, Forthright can be spotted if you look closely for a beautiful, leafy patio to the side of the cul-de-sac. Forthright's interior has a gorgeous, Scandinavian finish out that's simple, clean, and bright. Seating-wise, it's great for small parties, but larger parties can be accommodated near the entrance or on the patio. The biggest struggle at Forthright doesn't hit you until you look at the menu - everything looks tempting!

Forthright's leafy patio

Beautiful wood and marble finished interior

Equally amazing coffee and food is on the menu at Forthright, and for now, just breakfast, brunch, and lunch. You can score food here until 7pm, but dinner hasn't launched yet. My visit happened one sleepy Saturday morning recently, and coffee was the first thing on my mind. Forthright has a great selection of coffee and espresso drinks, and I can vouch for their French Press, almond milk cappuccino, Blood Mary, and also their peach iced tea. What can I say- I'm a woman of many beverages. When it comes to food, I also like to order more than what's necessary. The first thing to stand out to me from the menu was the Quinoa Brûlée (quinoa, oats, brûléed brown sugar, banana, chopped walnuts, coconut milk for $8). With no doubt that I hadn't seen anything similar yet in Austin, ordering this dish was a must. This healthy breakfast choice was warm and comforting, filling, and also felt deceivingly like a dessert. The portion size is very generous, so feel free to order this as a shared brunch app for the table. Not one to miss out on a trendy Instagram moment, I also ordered the Avocado Toast with Poached Eggs, which didn't disappoint but also isn't unique enough to elaborate on here. If you like Avocado Toast, you'll surely like how well Forthright makes theirs. My brunchmate ordered the Waffle Sandwich (smoked bacon, jack cheese, over easy egg, maple syrup for $11) then proceeded and eat the entire thing- a bold move. Roughly 30 minutes later, she was ready for a nap. But have no doubts- it was worth it.

Forthright brunch menu

Quinoa Brûlée

Avocado Toast with Poached Eggs

Waffle Sandwich

Casual, comfy booth seating

Yet another cozy nook

When it comes to brunch and lunch, Forthright also serves a great selection of salads and sandwiches, as well as a killer veggie burger (housemade patty, of course). The Kale Caesar I had on another visit was fantastic- and I'm not one to usually rave about kale. If you don't have time to sit down and enjoy a lunch at Forthright, they also have some great grab-and-go options.

Surface parking at Forthright is free, adding convenience to this already perfect downtown dining experience.

{Forthright Official Website}

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