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Garage Cocktail Bar

07.18.2014 by: Travis Sandoval
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As the summer heat burns on, you may be yearning for a nice cool spot to grab a drink. Located in the middle of a midcentury era parking garage, Garage Cocktail Bar serves up delicious craft cocktails in a stylish setting. 

Garage Cocktail Bar

Classic meets Custom: A caipirinha and Queen Anne's Lace.

Despite it's location and name, inside the bar there are no gimmicks. The design and décor stylishly reflect the character of its building. Of course, with a garage that winds around the space, there are periodic flashes of headlights that peak through the curtains as the only reminder of where you are. The circular bar is the main focus while plenty of seating spots fill out the rest of the interior, giving you plenty of options to slink away with your drink. Along with the dim mood lighting, live jazz music or vinyl records round out the scene providing the perfect place for a small group outing or an intimate date night. Most nights the bar does get crowded, so be sure to stop in early or make it your last stop for the night.

Bar manager Chauncey James, formerly of East Side Show Room, designed the space and menu to make serving expertly crafted beverages as efficient as possible. Original drinks on the menu include the Queen Anne's Lace which features botanical gin, and an interesting mix of carrot, maple, lime, peach, and sarsaparilla. Aside from original concoctions, you can find classic cocktails, vintage wines, and a few choice beers. 

And don't worry about finding a parking spot.

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