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General Tso'Boy Marches onto Rock Rose

08.05.2016 by: Travis Sandoval
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Austin is arguably the creative capital of Texas, providing a haven for adventurous spirits and minds. Which can also mean adventures for your tastebuds. Melding classic Chinese takeout with the New Orleans po’boy, General Tso’Boy brings Austin a fusion cuisine like no other. Husband and wife Gary and Jessica Wu started the concept as an NYC flea market pop up and have now set up shop on the Rock Rose strip.

General Tso'Boy

A view of the restaurant's exterior.

Taking a look at the menu, you might underestimate the punch this place packs. Sure there are only a handful of sandwiches and sides, but these are some heavyweight bites. These are decadent meals, though you can take comfort knowing the ingredients are in season and locally sourced  and sandwiched between loaves from Austin’s own Easy Tiger Bakery.

General Tso'Boy

The General Tso's Chicken sandwich and Cheeseburger Spring Roll.

Sharing sandwiches is the best plan of action. You'll definitely want a sampling of everything. For starters, try the namesake General Tso's. It's a solid sandwich but not the most exciting. Our favorite was the Char Siu Pulled Pork. Filled with tender meat and dripping with Chinese style bbq sauce, it's easily one of the best sandwiches you'll have. This could even become the go-to meal for late night recovery.

General Tso'Boy

The Char Siu Pulled Pork and Crinkle Cut Fries.

Consider your mission a failure if you don't try the Cheeseburger Spring Roll. This is quite possibly the most decadent thing you'll eat all year. These fried rolls are stuffed full of cheesy burger goodness. To stay in fighting shape, you might try to share this one, too. There's also a seasonal vegetable on the menu that you should definitely ask about.

You'd do well to cap your visit with their homemade soft serve. They offer a rotating selection of flavors, striking boredom from your tastebuds.

General Tso'Boy

The design puts a tasteful spin on Chinese takeout diners.

Putting a tasteful spin on fast food diners, the decor is minimal with bright red and light woodgrain accents throughout. A classic light-up menu, illuminates the counter as a preview of your culinary journey.

General Tso'Boy

With creative fare that's "tso good," General Tso'Boy is definitely a point of destination on the strip.

{General Tso'Boy official site}

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