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Get Your Bagel Fix at Lox, Box & Barrel

07.08.2016 by: Leah McGarry
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As a native New Yorker, I'm always on the hunt for a decent local bagel - and I think that hunt might be over. Lox, Box & Barrel recently opened on Highway 290, and I give the bagels two thumbs up.

Lox, Box & Barrel is in a new strip center addition on Highway 290.

Bright, lively interior for dine-in customers

If you're familiar with the NY style bagel shop, you're not going to see a ton of baskets with different flavors. Lox Box simply offers plain, sesame, and everything, but as a bagel purist, I'm ok with this because they're doing these three flavors well. The real test of a delicious bagel is a plain with cream cheese. No need to order these bagels toasted because they'll be coming fresh out of the oven when you order. They even gave us some free bacon while we waited - great service! I also appreciated that they didn't load it up with an excessive amount of cream cheese.

Traditional bagel and cream cheese to go - can't go wrong!

You obviously can't miss the lox, which is thick, hearty and fresh. At $10.25, your sandwich (offered at breakfast and lunch) is not cheap, but you get what you pay for. It also includes capers and red onions.

Go all in with the bagel and lox, complete with capers and red onion.

Not ready to take the full lox plunge? Try the smoked salmon spread, and ask for it on the side. This is great for people who enjoy the taste but perhaps not the texture of lox.

Bagel with flavorful smoked salmon spread

And if you're in the mood for something more traditional, try the egg and cheese sandwich (eggs made to order), and add bacon for just $2.25.

Egg and cheese sandwich with bacon

If you're not a bagel person, first off you should reconsider, but secondly, give them a try for lunch! Lox Box is a gourmet deli and serves up a ton of delicious sandwiches, including gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options. The restaurant is really lively at lunch, and you can also place orders to go (but not over the phone). 

Lox, Box & Barrel offers a gourmet deli menu.

Not in the mood for a bagel? No problem - try one of their sandwiches, like the ham and cheese.

In a land overflowing with breakfast tacos, it's always nice when a new option comes to town - especially one that does not disappoint! Get your bagel fix at Lox, Box & Barrel.

{Official website: Lox, Box & Barrel}

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