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Every once in a blue moon, you stumble upon a place that's so perfect, so enchanting, and so Instagram-ready that you never want to leave. In Clarksville, Josephine House is that place. 

Brunch at Clark's Oyster Bar couldn't be more perfect. A word to the wise? Make a reservation!

Tucked away in Clarksville, Josephine House serves beautiful, healthy, and subtly elegant plates you wish you had the time and skill to cook for yourself at home.

Go on a See-Food Diet at Clark's

07.19.2016 by: Tom Harris
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A quaint sort of stateliness graces Clark's Oyster Bar from the outside, an apt reflection for its Clarksville neighborhood. Porch seating under a beautiful spreading live oak is a miracle in pleasant weather.

Clark's from the outside

Clark's bustling interior evokes the seaside

Inside, the vibe is more overtly nautical, with clean lines and a spic-and-span white-on-seafoam palette. Though things get a little tight at peak, it’s nevertheless comfortable and richly evocative of the coast.

Clark's immaculate house-made sourdough and butter

Like the space, Clark’s food is carefully considered and composed, even down to the bread and butter. A springy sourdough loaf with a chewy crust, the bread was frankly shockingly good for being something made in-house for the sole purpose of being given away, and was representative of the attention to detail and quality one finds again and again at this restaurant.

The crudo plate, from left to right: walu, tuna, hotate, and yellowtail

We ordered the crudo plate to start off, the halibut for our main and corn and kale as sides. The crudo was tender and light across the board, but the yellowtail in particular was wonderfully clean and sweet.

An impeccably seared halibut filet, with sides of corn and kale

The halibut came with grilled lemon and a garlicky harissa-infused olive oil, both of which enlivened a beautifully crisped, flaky filet. The corn and kale, both oak-grilled, were wonderful complements, the former featuring a lovely tartness from sundried tomatoes and creaminess from feta, latter faintly woody, with depth brought on by toasted pine nuts and grated parmesan.

My goodness.

If time permits, do yourself a favor and Google image search “basque cake.” Looks rather meh, right? Now look at the above. The cake, far from the dry, somewhat crumbly texture an image search would suggest, was supple and densely moist, with a luxuriously persistent custard-like mouthfeel. The candied cherries had a nearly jelly-like consistency and were darkly plummy and tart. A scoop of cream cheese ice cream kept things decadent but tempered the dessert’s sweetness, and the marcona almonds were an inspired garnish, further balancing the cake. Almonds and cherries, due to their close relation, are usually complementary partners, but rarely do they harmonize as well as they did here. Throw in a glass of Madeira, as we did, and it’s hard find a better end to a meal

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