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Happy Hour at Fixe: A Daily Social Worth Attending

08.18.2016 by: Tom Harris
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Fixe is an upscale restaurant serving refined takes on classic Southern fare in downtown Austin. Its dinner menu is well-loved around these parts, so we decided to see how it held up during happy hour, which Fixe refers to as its “daily social” (pinkies out, everyone).

The warm, dark tones of Fixe's bar

The answer to that is, unsurprisingly, “really well.” Fixe’s daily social runs all night Sunday through Thursday and 4-7 on Friday and Saturday. Selected glasses of wine are half off, while all other wines, cocktails, and beers are $1 off for those seated in the bar or lounge or on the patio. There is also a limited food menu, though the full menu can be ordered off of for standard prices.

Southern Bourbon Tea's hibiscus hues

Seated near the bar, we decided to start off with two drinks off their Old Forester Bourbon Jars menu. The Southern Bourbon Tea featured freshly brewed tea with hibiscus and cranberries—fresh as in, the tea steeps directly into the jar at the table, while the Sangria was a complex blend of shrub (also known as drinking vinegar), rosé, bourbon, St. Germain liquor, and slices of fruit. Both drinks were sweet and seductive, but buyers beware—they packed a serious punch.

Sweet jar o' mine: Bourbon Sangria

On the snacking side of things, our plan was to sample the menu by picking one or two dishes at a time and leisurely work our way towards fullness. This strategy was disastrously waylaid when we opted for the Southern Fish Fry and Fixe Biscuits as our first order. Bluntly, the portions were big. These were no playfully fussy two-bite takes on real down-home dishes. Fixe’s daily social emphatically does not mess around, and the fish fry and biscuits were all we could end up handling.

Fluffy, buttery Fixe biscuits

But my, how good they were. The biscuits are vaunted, and justifiably so. Fixe makes a big deal about the Steen’s whipped butter that accompany them, but honestly, these biscuits are so buttery that adding any extra didn’t really do much. However, the available-on-request brown sugar peach preserves are positively enrapturing.

A most refined fish fry

Eating the Southern Fish Fry was a watershed moment for me—it represented the first time I’ve ever had catfish and enjoyed it, and this is coming from someone with significant populations of river-dwelling Hoosiers in his family tree. The cornmeal breading was divine—brittle and richly flavorful without being oily—and the catfish was meltingly soft. The French fries that accompanied the fish were top-notch as well - crisp and sharply salty enough to cut through any sensation of greasiness. All in all, this was excellently executed, bad-for-you food - perfectly befitting a Southern daily social.

Farewell, Fixe

{Fixe Official Website}

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