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The word "hoiden" describes a bold, boisterous, wild girl, and this shop is designed just for that. Hoiden is stocked with tough, edgy, but feminine pieces that can be mixed, matched, and layered for a multitude of outfits. 

Indie Glam at Dylan Wylde

12.29.2015 by: Beth Stockwell Vanderkolk
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Over the past few years, really hip shops have been popping up all along South Lamar. So when Dylan Wylde recently opened, it needed to be cool enough to keep up with the likes of ARO, Headdress, and Hoiden Supply Co. Well, it manages to be that hip and more. Dylan Wylde is the kind of place that encompasses everything that makes an Instagram "it girl" - it's effortlessly indie, glam, rock n roll, and boho, all at the same time. The boutique is stocked with both larger and independent labels, as well as a great selection of jewelry, gifts, and home goods. At Dylan Wylde, you can shop for yourself and your home. The vibe at Dylan Wylde is Marfa-meets-city. It's wild and untamed, free and creative. Some of the shop items have a 70s California feel, and others are perfect for hitting downtown to dance all night. 

Dylan Wylde storefront

Dylan Wylde boutique interior

It might help if I clarified some things that Dylan Wylde isn't - it isn't preppy, and it isn't boring. It's a little bit scandalous, incredibly trendy, and effortlessly cool. You shop here when you want to embrace your confidence and let it shine. Wallflowers need not browse these racks. While it's a great place to shop for a New Years Eve dress, for example, it's also a great place to shop for everyday clothing and accessories. You'll see sequined and beaded numbers, but also super casual pants, tops, and super minimalistic jewelry. 

One of many racks of clothing

Another rack of super hip clothing

The accessories at Dylan Wylde leave nothing to be desired. There's a great selection of jewelry and accessories made by independent designers. There's also a really unique selection of home and apothecary goods. You'll find super unique ceramics, beauty oils, and candles. Because the products are so unique, it's a great place to scoop up gifts. One of the great things about Dylan Wylde is that you can get things there that will make people ask, "where did you find that?" Who doesn't love a moment like that?

Both minimalist and bold accessories

Home, beauty, and apothecary goods

Sunglasses case

Kilim rugs, blankets, beaded necklace, and turquoise knives

Heavy decorative blanket and jeans

{Dylan Wylde Official Website}

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