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Lakeway's Santa Catarina Rivals Fonda San Miguel

07.30.2014 by: Beth Stockwell Vanderkolk
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Tucked away in a small shopping center in Lakeway, you'll find Santa Catarina. This unsuspecting restaurant is serving up Mexican cuisine and cocktails that rival one of Austin's finest Mexican restaurants, Fonda San Miguel- and at a lesser cost!

The owners of Santa Catarina have a homegrown appreciation for fresh food from the interior of Mexico. Imaginative, flavorful, and delicious, dishes are prepared with only the freshest seafood, pork, and beef tenderloin. Many of the seafood offerings use fresh drum, straight from the Texas Gulf Coast. Gluten-free and vegetarian items are available, and all menu items are prepared with EVOO or canola oil, primarily farm raised beef, and healthy hormone free protein sources where available.

Santa Catarina entry

Guacamole. Delish! $7

Crema de Elote (corn cream soup) rivals Fonda San Miguel's corn soup $4 for a cup (pictured here, a very generous serving) or $6 for a bowl.

Baja Tacos - fried tilapia with carrot-cabbage chipotle slaw, pickled onions, rice, and beans $14

Mayitas (Yucatan-style Fajitas) served with rice and beans $12

Relleno de Huitlacoche $17

Camarones Chipotle $18

And a Paloma Margarita!

As you can see from the photos and prices above, Santa Catarina stacks up nicely next to Fonda San Miguel in terms of plating, portions (Santa Catarina is more generous, even), and quality. Santa Catarina also has a bigger selection of menu items. The restaurant itself isn't as sprawling and beautiful as Fonda San Miguel, but it's amazing to have such a great quality restaurant just minutes from Lake Travis.

Santa Catarina official website

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