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Little Pizzas for Big Appetites at 100 Pizzitas

11.20.2015 by: Travis Sandoval
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Perched on a hillside overlooking downtown, the Spanish import 100 Pizzitas has set up shop slinging Mediterranean inspired tapas. 100 Pizzitas (Cien Pizzitas) puts a Spanish spin on everyone’s favorite pies by shrinking them down to tapas size and offering 100 combinations.

100 Pizzitas

Have fun choosing from 100 little pizzas!

It takes some creativity to come up with a hundred different pizzas and the menu definitely delivers on that. There are some obvious choices like #81 (fresh mozzarella, pesto sauce, and cherry tomatoes) to the more unexpected like #31 (fresh mozzarella, salmon, onions, and dill) to the zany #18 (brisket, brie cheese, and honey). One hundred items also gives plenty of choices to satisfy your group. Our waitress recommended 3 pizzitas per person, which makes assembling a table of shareable bites a lot of fun.

100 Pizzitas

We started with an order of the baked provolone with chorizo de pueblo.

Aside from pizzitas, the menu features starter plates, salads, full 12-inch pizzas, risotto, and dessert crepes. If you’re looking for more traditional pizza, you’ll find Pepperoni and Margherita in the full size section.

100 Pizzitas

Our favorite was the Texas-inspired #17 (Brisket, sweet corn, and jalapeños).

One of the most exciting parts of the 100 pizzitas selection is the dessert offerings. The Sweet Pizzas section of the menu features decadent delights like #94 (Dulce de Leche and M&Ms), #95 (white chocolate & blueberries), and the final pizzita #100 (black or white chocolate and oreo cookies).

100 Pizzitas

A cozy converted bungalow houses the restaurant.

The restaurant’s location may be an odd spot on east 7th but it offers some amazing views of the downtown skyline. If the weather’s nice, you absolutely must set up on the patio. If you’d prefer to be inside, you’ll find that this converted bungalow has plenty of cozy charm.

100 Pizzitas

Grab a group this weekend and try out 100 Pizzitas! 

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