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Mighty Fine Burgers

07.25.2016 by: Beth Stockwell Vanderkolk
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There's nothing like a classic, all-American burger. These days, restaurant menus are sprinkled with gourmet burgers topped with goat cheese, poblanos, pesto, arugula, or even truffle aioli. Now don't get me wrong, I love a fancy burger, but there's a time and a place for it. Nine times out of ten, when I'm craving a burger, I just want it the regular, old fashioned style. Mighty Fine Burgers makes high quality, classic burgers that don't disappoint! You won't find any extreme toppings or styles here.

Mighty Fine Burgers on Brodie Lane in South Austin

Mighty Fine doesn't just stop at burgers. You'll also find a small selection of other tasty meals, such as griddled hot dogs, BLTs, chili cheese fries, grilled cheese sandwiches, onion rings, crinkle cut french fries, hand-squeeze lemonade, and milkshakes. The premium ingredients are prepared in front of a massive window at the Brodie location, so you can get a great view of what you're about to eat! The food is simple, which makes Mighty Fine a great place to feed the whole family. The restaurants are super kid-friendly, and their Youngster Meal couldn't be more affordable ($3.99!) - don't forget to check out more info on that at the end of this post. The super efficient ordering system means you won't have to wait long to order or receive your meal, which every parent can appreciate.

Such an efficient ordering system- there's hardly ever a line!

Once you order, you can find a spot at one of the many indoor (or outdoor) picnic tables, and plenty of high chairs are also available. There's a pretty nifty handwashing system, which is super encouraging for kids and adults. You can even snag a sweet sticker once your hands are clean! Food comes out lickety-split, so it's never long before you can dig in to the delicious fare. Feast your eyes on the cheeseburger I ordered below- is your stomach growling yet? This was such an awesome classic burger. I brought my 1 year old along with me and he enjoyed his first-ever grilled cheese sandwich- perfectly melty but not too hot, and crispy in all the right places! The crinkle cut fries were a huge hit to kids and adults alike. The slightly-smaller kids burger can also be seen below, paired with fries and a blueberry milkshake. Other milkshake flavors include your standard vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. We forgot to order a hand-squeezed lemonade, but will be back soon to quench our thirst with that. What could be more perfect on a hot summer day?

Feast your eyes on this cheeseburger!

Kids grilled cheese and fries

Kids burger, fries, and handmade blueberry milkshake

Fresh ingredients, hand-formed patties, and even hand-sliced avocado!

Mighty Fine Burgers pays such close attention to quality, friendliness, and customer service, that we can't help but visit at least once a month. The reliability of the service and food wins us over time and time again. Try it out and you'll surely feel the same!

{Mighty Fine Burgers Official Website}

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