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10.12.2015 by: Vanessa Miller
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Right on the edge of Travis Heights sits Con Madre Kitchen (formerly Taco n’ Madre) — a Mexican food trailer with so much more than tacos.  Enchiladas, giant breakfast and lunch burritos, chalupas, nachos, tortas, quesadillas, aqua frescas, even burgers… Something delicious for your whole lunch crew.  (And if they also happen to be on a budget, they will thank you for taking them here!)

Con Madre trailer on the edge of Travis Heights

Con Madre Kitchen sits around the corner from the Valero with its own separate eating area.  The umbrella tables sit beneath some much appreciated water misters and there is wooden bar seating as well.  It’s always the same friendly staff, so they remember you if you’ve visited before. 

The breakfast and lunch burritos are not to be taken lightly

This time, my lunch date ordered the GIANT lunch burrito which is filled with rice, beans, lettuce, tomatoes, and a meat of your choice.  And it is on a homemade 12-inch flour tortilla — a super filling lunch!  I am ready to go back and try the breakfast burrito, which I’ve heard is one of the best breakfast deals in town.

And of course there are tacos… Have you been wondering where all the affordable Austin tacos have gone? The original cheap, tasty, and portable food that everyone knows Austin for?  Con Madre still has ‘em!  They start at $2 and don’t get much higher.  I have only tried their corn taco tortillas and found them delicious without falling apart as they sometimes tend to at other places.  Red and green salsa are plenty tangy and flavorful.

A giant Mexican torta filled with fajita

We also tried the torta, which is like a giant Mexican sandwich filled with beans, lettuce, tomatoes, meat, and mayo.  The fajita meat we filled it with was great.  We ordered a chalupa on the side, which is a corn tortilla fried til it’s crispy, topped with beans, meat, lettuce, tomato, and queso fresco. They even added avocado for free!  I topped my chalupa with picadillo, sautéed ground beef that they cooked with potatoes, tomatoes, jalapeños, and onions.  Verrrry delicious!  You can order any item on the menu ‘a la Mexicána’ - topped with sautéed tomatoes, jalepeños and onions.  Highly recommended!  They had a few agua frescas, including an unusual hibiscus flavor. I ventured out and tried the tamarind; plenty sweet and a little sour.

The chalupa was a favorite

The standouts for me are the Chalupa with Picadillo (order it with potatoes and a la Mexicána), the Breakfast Migas Taco all-the-way, and the Al Pastor (pork marinated in chilis and achiote) Taco with avocado on corn tortilla.  The menu is so big I have to make another trip to try it all which is definitely something I plan to do in the very near future.  Con Madre Kitchen - a tasty and affordable way to satiate your Mexican food cravings.

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