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Musashino's Serving Killer Sushi Near Campus

08.02.2016 by: Beth Stockwell Vanderkolk
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Musashino Sushi Dokoro, one of Austin's most authentic Japanese restaurants, has relocated from North Austin into the space formerly occupied by FINO, near UT Campus. The upstairs space has a large patio, complete with massive fans to help with the summer heat, and a newly redecorated interior that's intimate, romantic, and cozy. Patrons also have the option of grabbing seats at the bar or sushi counter, which is clearly the best spot to watch the magic happen.

Exterior of Musashino - there's no sign, but just head up the stairs!

Musashino boasts Tokyo-style sushi. What exactly does that mean? It refers to the traditional Tokyo way of preparing sushi by using fish from area waters. Clearly, their product isn't coming from surrounding lakes in Texas, but instead Musashino air freights Japan's best seafood right to us in Austin. Musashino also sticks to their Japanese guns by reminding patrons when it's appropriate or suggested to douse dishes or rolls in soy sauce, ginger (never), and wasabi, and when it isn't. You'll notice that the menu provides suggestions for how dishes should be eaten, which is super helpful if you're trying to make the most of your meal. What's the point of ordering some of Austin's freshest fish if it'll only taste like toppings? Take a lesson from the pros and heed their suggestions.

First up on our Japanese journey at Musashino was the Grilled Salmon Collar. It's only available in limited quantities, so we were psyched to discover there was one left! Salmon collar is incredibly delicate and flaky, with crispy bits that are just to die for. It's truly one of the tastiest parts of the fish. Moving on to the raw section, we decided to forego the huge selection of rolls and stick to nigiri. Below, you'll notice 6 pieces of House Smoked Escolar- it's truly some of the best pieces of fish in town. On the other tray, we had Toro Hagashi, Shima Zushi (hot chili, soy sauce marinated white fish, O Shima Island style) and Maguro Zuke. They were all super delicious and extremely fresh. It's refreshing to find a spot in town where you can dig into traditional nigiri instead of Americanized rolls made with imitation crab and cream cheese.

Sake Kama Shio Yaki (Grilled Salmon Cheek)

Nigiri galore!

In an effort to step outside of my comfort zone, I asked for a recommendation from the hand roll menu. The server asked me how brave I was feeling, and I confidently replied that I was feeling 10/10 on the comfort scale. This uni and roe handroll was absolutely unique, briney, and delicious! I'd order it again, and if you're willing to branch out, I'd happily recommend it. The Musashino menu has a wide variety of dishes, and the servers are happy to make recommendations.

Uni and Roe Handroll

Musashino is a great spot for super fresh fish and delicate Japanese cuisine. It's much more conveniently located now that it's closer to central Austin, and the added bonus of a parking lot makes Musashino even more appealing. Check out the new location before word gets out and the crowds descend!

{Musashino Official Website} 

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