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Ola Poke Surfs onto North Lamar

01.17.2017 by: Travis Sandoval
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Last week we wrote about Austin’s continued poke-splosion with a review on South Congress’ Poke-Poke. North Austin's Ola Poke opened a few months earlier, earning the title of Austin’s first Hawaiian restaurant and starting the poke trend locally.

If you’re not familiar, poke is a Hawaiian dish made with cubes of raw fish. Think of it as a sushi salad. The fun is in building your own poke bowl with fresh and healthy ingredients.

Ola Poke

Build your own poke bowl.

Ola Poke is bright and colorful with blue and white checkered floors and offers a few small tables throughout the restaurant. You’ll head to the poke bar at the back to build your bowl and pay at the counter. Bowls come in small (2 servings of protein), medium (3 servings of protein), and large (4 servings of protein). We loaded up bowls with salmon, yellowtail, brown rice, avocado, and seaweed salad. If you're just giving poke a try, go with a small. Don’t be fooled - it’s a filling meal. 

Ola Poke

Definitely grab an order of the Korean Fried Chicken Wings.

If you’ve got a hankering for more than fresh seafood, the menu also offers a few fried snacks and Korean cuisine. Share some Korean fried chicken wings, fried dumplings, or kimchi fries with your friends. Aside from the snacks, the menu also features Hibachi dishes from the grill and special bowls with bulgogi and bibimbap.

Ola Poke

A look at the restaurant.

The diner is definitely no-frills and located in a shopping center next to a popular karaoke bar. Your bowl can be loaded up pretty quickly, so think of your meal at Ola Poke as a fresh, fast food option to get you filled up and out the door fast without feeling guilty.

{Ola Poke official site}

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