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It's no secret that Westlake is home to some of Austin's most beautiful homes, neighborhoods, and people. So it comes as no surprise that a gorgeous new boutique opened in Westlake just a few months ago.

Whether you're looking for baby or kid clothes, toys, or handy must-have items, you'll find them at these shops! 

Dining out with your baby isn’t unimaginable - the key is to simply know where and when.

On Cloud Nine at Brilliant Sky Toys & Books

04.13.2016 by: Leah McGarry
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If you're looking for a special gift or simply tired of shopping at big box stores for your kids, check out Brilliant Sky Toys & Books - a cheerful and unique toy store in Westlake. It's a small but well-organized shop jam-packed with wonderful items for babies and young children. Unlike many other toy retailers, Brilliant Sky makes it a pleasure to browse. 

Bright open space to shop at Brilliant Sky Toys & Books

When you walk in the store, you can't miss the wall of Star Wars merchandise to please the littlest of fans. You'll also find plenty of educational options to inspire your kids' imaginations and sense of exploration. I love that the store has cute and colorful nooks for kids to explore - like this dress-up cottage or reading alcove.  They also have several toys on display for kids to test out or play with while in the store. And don't miss all the fun and colorful murals on the wall inspiring all those young little minds!  


Tons of Star Wars merchandise

Let your child's imagination run wild in the costume cottage

Get cozy with a good book in the reading nook

One of my favorite products offered at Brilliant Sky are these indestructible books. If you have a little one, you know they can be pretty rough on just about everything. These tear-proof and drool-proof books are made of a magical material that can even be placed in the dishwasher or washing machine. Genius!   

If only more baby products were indestructible - these books can be washed!

Brilliant Sky doesn't just offer specialty items; their staff is pretty special as well. The employees are extremely friendly and helpful and will guide you through the store - especially if you don't have kids or are looking for a specific age-appropriate gift. My favorite reason to go to Brilliant Sky is for their events. My son loves to see Mr. Will play the guitar on Friday mornings at 11:30am, a perfect event for all ages - and I mean kids and adults alike!  They also offer a story-time on Mondays. Check out their Facebook page for other fun events like Painting with a Princess! I love that the store offers so many great, free events. 

Check out live music from Mr. Will on Fridays at 11:30 - it's free!

Admittedly the store is on the upscale side in terms of price, but when you're looking for a special item, you'll definitely find something at Brilliant Sky. And hey, if all that shopping wears you out, there's a Tacodeli just a couple doors down!

{Official website: Brilliant Sky Toys & Books}


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