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Patrizi's is Pasta Perfection

10.01.2015 by: Kerri Ratcliffe
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When you think about Italian food, your thoughts don’t typically stray towards food trucks and outdoor dining, but once you’ve eaten at Patrizi’s, your way of thinking will change. Located off of Manor Road in East Austin with a prominent spot in front of Butterfly Bar and The Vortex, Patrizi’s is serving up exceptional pasta dishes every night of the week, featuring recipes passed down through generations.

Admittedly, I’m not a huge Italian cuisine fan and don’t typically seek it out. However, over the past year I’ve heard multiple friends rave about Patrizi’s so I finally gave it a chance. We arrived at the truck on a Saturday evening at around 7:00pm. The line was rather long but moved quickly due to a helpful, friendly Patrizi’s representative asking everyone in line if they had any questions and offering recommendations based on preferences.

The dinner menu, which stays the same throughout the week, consists of fresh pasta, available add-ons, and small plates. There’s also a special each night of the week that differs from the main menu. We opted for the Local Vegetable, which was a cold summer squash salad, the Cacio e Pepe with a coddled egg yolk, and the Patrizi’s Red Sauce with a meatball. After ordering, we made our way to the lovely covered patio to wait. The ambiance on the patio was just perfect – mood lighting, soft background music and, luckily for us, great weather.

The patio scene at Patrizi's

Even though Patrizi’s was rather busy, we didn’t wait long for our first dish to arrive. The Spaghetti Squash Summer Salad (try saying that 5 times fast) was crisp and refreshing. The spaghetti squash was accompanied by apricots, cucumbers and bell peppers and was a light dish to pair with our two heavy pastas that would follow.

Local Vegetable - Spaghetti Squash Summer Salad

After getting our vegetable fill, we were ready for the pasta. First up, Cacio e Pepe; a simple yet tasty dish of pasta, olive oil, grana padano cheese and black pepper. We topped it with an egg yolk because, in my opinion, (almost) every dish is better with an egg on top.

Cacio e Pepe with a coddled egg yolk

Although we were rather full by the time we started on the Patrizi’s Red Sauce pasta, it was so good that we easily cleaned the plate. The large meatball had incredible flavor and the red sauce had just the right amount of spice.

Patrizi's Red Sauce with a meatball

You're welcome to bring your own bottle of wine or purchase beer, wine and liquor from the adjacent Butterfly Bar. Each Wednesday, the Patrizi's team creates a special prix fixe dinner featuring dishes not found on their standard menu. With the addition of a few new Italian restaurants in town, you should make sure Patrizi’s is one that you don’t miss!

 {Patrizi's Official Webpage}

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