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Pinthouse Pizza is Thriving on South Lamar

01.08.2016 by: Beth Stockwell Vanderkolk
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Pinthouse Pizza opened recently on South Lamar near 290, and it appears that business couldn't be better! Pinthouse's new location has a big parking lot, a huge advantage over its original location. It's also super spacious inside, family friendly, and requires little to no wait staff. The order-at-the-counter style allows for food and drink to come out super fast, and tables to turn over quickly. That means that although it may be crowded when you walk in, odds are that you'll be served pretty quickly. 

Front of Pinthouse Pizza's South Lamar location

Mmmmm beer - barrels directly to the left when you walk in

Alternating beer list at the top - order at the counter style

Order at the counter style for food too

Interior seating - booths not pictured to the right and patio seating outside

There's no way around admitting that this place can be packed. So if you get there with a big group, odds are that you'll have to wait for a table. But with tons of seating, it probably won't be long. There are many long, communal tables, a few booths, and plenty of patio seating outside. The beauty of order-at-the-counter service is that you don't need to wait around to order from your waiter; you can just head up to the counter for lightning fast service. The counter closest to the entrance has a huge ever-changing beer list above it. The staff is super knowledgable about beer, so feel free to ask for suggestions. On the other side of the restaurant, you can order from their food menu. But here's a secret- you can also order food at the beer counter. This is important to know, as the food counter line was much longer than the beer line when we were there last.

The menu is pretty standard for a pizza joint- salads, some Italian appetizers, plenty of delicious pizza varieties. We were really impressed with the salads we ordered. The bright, fresh lettuces were a far cry from the wilted iceberg you get at some pizza places; we couldn't have been more pleased. We were equally thrilled with the pizzas that came out! The portions for the pizzas and the salads are generous, so don't feel the need to order a ton. We loved the Pepperoni and Basil pizza, as well as the The Green Belt (sauce, cheese, ricotta, spinach, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, garlic, Kalamata olives, poblano peppers, cherry tomatoes). One of the more nontraditional options was The Armadillo (olive oil, cheese, artisan sausage, poblano peppers, ricotta and cilantro)- we want to try that next time!

Pepperoni Basil Pizza

The Works Pizza (sauce, cheese, garlic, Canadian bacon, crumbled sausage, red onions, green peppers, mushrooms, pepperoni)

The Green Belt Pizza

Caesar Salad 

Pinthouse Salad

On our visit, we didn't try any appetizers or desserts, but we plan to when we go next. Tempting options include The House Nachos, Soft Pretzel with Dipping Sauce, Ale Queso, and Pizza Dough Bites, as well as ice cream and beer floats for dessert. 

Pinthouse Pizza's new location on South Lamar couldn't possibly be any more delicious, convenient, and easy. It makes splitting bills and food a breeze, and the drafts on tap are a perfect complement to the meal.

{Pinthouse Pizza Official Website}

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