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Pop Art and Pop Tarts at the Factory

10.28.2016 by: Travis Sandoval
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Austin loves its establishments to be playful and creative. With the Factory, Austin gets a Warhol inspired coffee waffle bar. Local couple Wendy Wu and Wallace Kusumo are the duo behind the cafe. Wendy spent time in Paris as an architecture intern and fell in love with the food scene. This sparked the initial idea for the couple’s cafe. Inspired by Warhol’s famous art studio, The Factory’s creators hope it becomes a creative sanctuary for people to hang out.

The Factory

Pops of color add playfulness to the modern design.

The set up is pretty modern with iPads at the register that you use yourself to place your order. While waffles and pastries are on the menu, the focus is coffee and tea. Think of the food items as snacks to nibble on. The Famous Chicken Waffle features a golden waffle gripping a hunk of fried chicken and topped with egg tartar sauce and coleslaw. For a sweet bite, try the Nutella Banana Waffle, whose name should tell you all you need to know. If you’re looking for a light bite, the freshly baked Olive Oil Cake might be more your style. During our visit, we noshed on the playfully named Pop+art, a gourmet strawberry pop tart.

The Factory

There are plenty of sweets for everyone.

Aside from classic coffee drinks, you’ll find a handful of special creations like the 15 Minutes of Fame (a sweet and creamy chicory cold brew cut with whole milk and sweetened with cane sugar) or the Marymint Monroe (coffee muddled with mint, cream, and cane sugar).

The Factory

Each plate features a colorful placemat with sage advice.

The decor is modern with plenty of cozy spots to sink into and some leather arm chairs hanging from the ceiling. A black and white color scheme keeps the design grounded. Above the coffee bar is a black and white mural of famous artists like Frida Kahlo, Madonna, Lil’ Wayne, David Bowie, and Michael Jackson to name a few.

The Factory

Be sure to look up at the stars. 

So far, it seems Austin’s creative class are heeding the call. Expect the place to be bustling during your visit.  

The Factory

Grab a cozy spot for your visit!

{The Factory - Cafe with a Soul official site}

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