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Pub Brunch at Porter Ale House

10.28.2015 by: Leah McGarry
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You wouldn’t typically think of a gastropub as a brunch spot, but the warm and cozy ambiance of Porter Ale House made it the perfect destination on a rainy Sunday morning.

Cozy but chic interior of Porter Ale House

Porter offers one of the more interesting brunch menus I’ve seen with items like Tator Tot Poutine (5 minute egg, mushroom veloute, ricotta and white cheddar for only $8) or their take on chicken and waffles made with curry chicken and sweet potato waffles. They also offer a unique spin on your average bagel and lox with their Pop n Lox - Pastrami cured Faroe Island salmon, Wholy bagel rye, horseradish cream cheese, pickled beets, capers, hard boiled eggs and dill.

After some difficulty narrowing down all our choices we opted for one sweet and one savory. We sampled the Croque Madame, suggested by our waitress. This delicious sandwich was jam-packed with smoked ham, swiss cheese, dijonaise, a perfectly cooked over easy egg, and “beer cheese fondue.” You certainly won’t leave hungry after this breakfast sandwich.

Croque Madame with an accompaniment of "dijonaise"

For sweet, we selected the French toast sticks, but honestly these were more like loaves than sticks! They were crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside and served with Bourbon maple syrup. To accompany the French toast, the dish includes roasted peaches and crisp pork belly. I have been THIS CLOSE to writing off pork belly completely, but this dish has changed my mind.

French Toast with peaches and crisp pork belly

As if that wasn’t enough food, we couldn’t resist a side of the candied bacon as recommended by Yelp reviews. And wow, we are so glad we didn’t skip this yummy side.

A delicious side of Candied Bacon

No brunch is complete without booze! We enjoyed the Red Snapper, Porter Ale House’s take on the traditional bloody mary with the option to substitute gin for vodka. I also love a unique spin on a mimosa, and theirs comes with cranberry juice and hibiscus liqueur.

Red Snapper and Hibiscus Mimosa

Rain or shine, Porter Ale House’s brunch menu is a winner in my book. Cozy up indoors or take advantage of their shaded, covered patio. 

{Official website: Porter Ale House}

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