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Quick and Healthy Asian Dishes at Koriente

09.04.2015 by: Kerri Ratcliffe
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Koriente is a small and easily overlooked restaurant among downtown’s ever-growing sprawl of buildings, but I can assure you it’s one you don’t want to miss. Located next to concert venue Red7 on East 7th and Sabine St, it’s the ideal place to grab a quick, health conscious bite amid the hustle and bustle of your day.

The owner of Koriente opened the restaurant because she loved going out to eat, however, disliked the lack of healthy, MSG free restaurants in the area. She wanted to create dishes that were packed with flavor and not packed with calories. Koriente’s menu is filled with traditional Asian dishes such as Japchei, Teriyaki Chicken and Bibimbap. You can make almost each dish your own by choosing either rice or noodles and adding a protein from one of their many options (chicken, beef, tofu & shrimp). You may also add an avocado or fried egg to any dish.

On my recent lunch visit, I stuck with the basics and ordered a Summer Roll, a Spicy Chicken Mixmix Bibimbap and a Mango Bubble Tea. The Summer Roll is a great vegan starter filled with avocado, an array of fresh veggies and spiced noodles. The Bibimbap, a popular Korean dish, is filled to the brim with fresh julienned vegetables. It’s super colorful and very tasty. I asked for my chicken to be made spicy and added a fried egg on top. The sweet treat of Mango Bubble Tea was a great way to finish off my meal.

Summer Roll Starter

Spicy Chicken Mixmix Bibimbap with a fried egg

Mango Bubble Tea

If you dine at Koriente during lunch, they offer a free salad bar and miso soup. The entrée portions are quite large to begin with, so you might want to take it easy on the complimentary offering. As a frequent diner in this establishment, I’d also recommend the Obake Bowl (B) that’s made with rice medallions and the Japchei, which is a big bowl of clear sweet potato noodles. You can wash it all down with a refreshing Cinnamon Iced Tea. 

The staff at Koriente are all incredibly friendly and helpful and offer suggestions to ensure you enjoy your meal. If you’re struggling at all with an order decision, I’d recommend asking, and they’ll tailor the meal specifically to you. Koriente really hits the mark by fulfilling a niche of quick and healthy Asian cuisine in the downtown area.

{Koriente official website}

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