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Quickie Pickie: Finger-Lickie Good

06.28.2016 by: Tom Harris
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Quickie Pickie is a restaurant/beer bar/boutique convenience store anchoring the 11th-and-Rosewood split in East Austin. If that sounds a bit jack-of-all-trades, well, it is. But it would be a mistake to conclude that this is the result of a lack of focus—far from it. Quickie Pickie knows exactly what it wants to be—a neighborhood fixture, catering to the area’s needs morning, noon and night.

Quickie Pickie’s inventive painted-wood façade & patio

The counter and bar

The lighting is a little dim but contributes to an air of warm conviviality - perfect for chatting the day away with friends while nursing a coffee or a beer. Upon entering, on your right, you’ll find a seating area and cases with grab-and-go prepared foods such as salads, sandwiches and fruit bowls. On your left, you’ll find cases containing beer, wine and ice cream, and what is best described as a boutique convenience store, with well-stocked shelves containing everything from chips to chocolate to pasta sauce to trash bags.

The Tomato-Gruyere Quiche, dressed up with a simple side salad

During a recent visit, we opted to have dinner there. Your correspondent has had all three quiche options, and all were wonderful - comprised of delicately flaky, buttery crust cupping fluffy, savory custard. The tomatoes in the above quiche provided a subtle umami depth which the green salad’s sharp vinaigrette counterbalanced ably.

The House Burger (shown with a gluten-free bun)

Instead of ketchup and mustard, the house burger comes with a spicy-sweet tomato confiture and zesty pickled mustard seeds—a fun little twist, and a nice way to dress up an otherwise straightforward (though juicy) burger.

For those on a diet (ahem), this pie case is very humbling

I have succumbed.

For dessert, we chose a slice of lemon pie, which sandwiches a dense whipped filling between layers of lemon curd on a crumbly graham cracker crust. It was…heavenly.

Quickie Pickie really tries to do it all, and actually does it well. Breakfast is great, too with a bevy of scrambles, omelets and tacos, and coffee from Counter Culture. (By the way, reader, Counter Culture coffee is really, really good.)

So the next time you’re in the area, pop into Quickie Pickie. Chances are they’ll have whatever you’re looking for.

{Quickie Pickie Official Website}

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